Heyy! Welcome to theeHEARTofthematter™, where I always keep it real,
giving you True Words From The Heart.

I once heard that when you have a story, you must tell it. We all have our own stories, and each individual has something to offer this world. I have quite an interesting story to tell, if you’re curious check out my About Me page for the tea.

In this space, I am inviting you inside my life:
My passion for creating inspirational content,
My Faith in God,
My #TwentySomethin’Struggles,
The Positive Affirmations that get me through,
Navigating a space of healing whilst exuding love,
My tips for preserving the mind #MentalHealthTherapist,
My love for ALL things Travel while keeping your coin,
& Ultimately, the desire to constantly create, expose, and encourage.

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you enjoy the blog!

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