About Moi


The Woman Behind The Words

Bree is a woman who is genuine with a huge heart and loving spirit. She’s a true LA Native, California is the place she calls home. She’s creatively ambitious, who speaks her truth, always sharing “True Words from the Heart”. She’s sensitive, but sensible. Most would says she’s wise beyond her years. As a #twentysomething who’s journeying through this thing called life, she’s driven by her faith in the Lord and the ability to connect with others through her writing. Bree earned her Bachelor’s Degree from CSU, Domniguez Hills in Child Development in May 2014. After graduating she quickly enrolled in graduate school at Loyola Marymount University, and obtained her Masters of Arts in Counseling, emphasis on Community Mental Health in May 2017. She currently works full-time as a Case Manager/Mental Health Clinical Therapist for a youth homeless shelter and part-time as an inspirational lifestyle blogger.

My Testimony: The Miracle In Me


My character to give back to the community was developed at birth. I was not supposed to live, not supposed to survive, and certainly not supposed to thrive. My grand entrance into this world was something you could only imagine from a television show. I was born in my mother’s bed, in her sixth month of pregnancy in Inglewood, California. I had no lungs, and was still in the sac, later the doctors found out that I had two holes in my heart; as a result I have undergone five heart surgeries, four open-heart. One of which I recently had December 2014. As you can probably imagine, my life is full of medical challenges. The challenges that I faced from my medical condition did not restrict me from growing up as a regular child. I was taught how to be self-sufficient, and not to use my condition as an excuse, or a crutch. By learning this, I gained an appreciation for life because my family taught me to give back. Since God chose to give me life, it is my duty to give back to others this great gift he gave me.