I’m starting to realize that I’m too in love with myself to entertain foolishness

The idea of entertaining someone’s potential is a thing of the past

See now I entertain the fact that you have a good head on your shoulders,

And you’re not intimidated by a strong woman, but you’re willing to assist in elevating her

You know the thought of growing together and holding one another accountable

Knowing that falling on our knees and praying together, is better than turning up in the club on Saturday nights

Don’t get me wrong, the turn up can be real and can be acceptable on occasion but the way my goals are set up,

I relish in nights spent at home enjoying one another’s intelligent conversation

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Post-Surgery: I’m A Soldier (pronounced – SOULjaa)

It has been approximately three months since I had my fourth and very last open-heart surgery. The last time I had surgery was at ten years old, having to undergo yet another surgery I honestly wasn’t scared because it had become routine for me. I even often refer to the hospital/doctor’s office as my second home. The real issue here was that this time was very different from the rest – reason being was that the times in the past I was a child (either in infancy or elementary years). Yet this time around I was an adult – meaning everyone’s calling me and looking to me for answers. Yes, my mother was still by my side every step of the way, but the ball was entirely in my court now. I scheduled my doctors appoints, pre-ops, post-ops, infusions, x-rays – I did it ALL! It was so weird having to do these things on my mom, because I was used to my mom taking care of everything. This meant I had to really become knowledgeable with specific terminology, instructions, and the way everything worked. Surprisingly, I knew WAY more about my condition and my heart than I gave myself credit for *Pats Self on the Back*

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Embracing Change

As a future counselor, I feel as if I get all of my practice on my family and friends. Thursday night, my cousin came to me with a concern about her and her longtime boyfriend of five years. These two are definitely peas in a pod. If you see Mia, there’s Chase and vice versa. Lately, they both have been coming into their own and pretty much have been venturing off and doing things separately. Mia’s worried that they’ll eventually drift apart due to becoming so big on their own, and they won’t need each other anymore.

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the writer; écrivaine

something that I have always been passionate about

the release from within, which was so much of what I held inside

to be understood, is to be misunderstood

to think that one could be so inclined and fascinated with words on a paper

the click of the keys beneath my fingertips, as I created melodies of metaphors and similes

analogies about life, and the perceptions that succumb me

it’s all a whirlwind of hypotheses, and a lot less about the possibility of what actually is

in this life we are called to fulfill our destiny

and if the clickity clack of keys is my calling, or to bring a higher consciousness for

the young girls like me, or the young girl who still resides in me

then let it be.

❤ Bree

To Date, or Not To Date … That Is The Question

I was texting my bestfriend yesterday, and as women we talk about everything under the sun, but the most awarded topic goes to DATING! With many of my bestfriends we’ve only had a total of two boyfriends thus far in our lives, and some have had a little more but we’re all ultimately feeling our way through life – which means dealing with these MEN(boys).

Everyone wants to talk about how much of a man they are, until they actually have to start acting like one. It baffles me.

Let me first say that this is NOT a post to bash guys, but it is more like a questionnaire mixed with opinions.

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Weathering The Storms

“Everything happens for a reason, in its time, and in its season …”

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.04.51 PM

I’m reminded of this phrase, every day of my life. I hear it from my mommy, the Bible, my Pastor, friends – the world! I believe this sentiment to be very true. I believe we all endure storms, on different variations and even magnitudes. It’s all a test, a lesson, or even a blessing that help us into the next phase of our lives.

I recently graduated from college in May 2014, and will soon be coming up on my one-year anniversary into this transition of my life. From May 2014 to the present have been filled with unexpected news that “threw me off course”, financial standstills, the downside of the workforce and the list continues.

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Welcome to HOTM!

Hey loves!

I’m excited to embark on this journey with you all. In the past, I’ve maintained three other blogs, one on Blogspot, and the other two on Tumblr. Now I’ve decided to venture off and turn my passion for writing, and slight obsession with blogging into a reality. I believe I will be able to make an impact with my story, and ultimately have a good time blogging as well.

  New posts will be coming soon!

bisous, Bree ❤