Often times I’m wide awake in the midnight hour
I once heard a saying that the artists – writers, musicians, free spirits were up to utilize this time to create
I agree
It’s at this time that your mind races endlessly with thoughts of yesterday and years to come
Along with a dash of the present and the reality you’re facing
Adding in a touch of future aspirations
To create is to let go sense of self
Whatever thoughts you have
Ultimately have no meaning;
Only in the sense that you can’t be judged because feelings don’t have to be validated
Some can hate it, or misunderstand
But in terms of creating – it’s a free land
The ball is in your court, you’re the master of this plan
Like a puppeteer tugging at the strings
You have the power to guide the story to its destination


Give A Little PUSH!

There are times when even though you constantly tell yourself positive affirmations – you STILL get overwhelmed, impatient, discouraged, stressed, the whole nine! Well … its buckle down time as the end of the school year vastly approaches. Stress is high, sleep is nonexistent, there’s coffee (for me it’s tea), study guides, final projects and papers. You find yourself asking the question: What is Life? How’d I get in this predicament? You’re counting down the days, months, or even years you have left until graduation.

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Worthy Of

I was scrolling through my IG timeline, and ran past this amazing quote, that I have here as the default picture. Often time as a woman, my friends and I always talk about our worth. We talk about how our future Kings, will understand what the word RESPECT actually means, and will treat us like the Queens we are. They’ll no longer entertain the peasants (thots, hoes, whatever you want to call them). I find it funny that worth is determined by material attributes nowdays – what brands do you rock, what kind of car you drive, if you have your own place or not. The idea of worth has been misconstrued.

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Bay Shawties (: #EasterBreakAdventures

The Bay is always a pleasure!

I had a week and a few days off for Easter Break this past week. I never like staying home during breaks, and usually I end up doing mini getaways if I can’t do a big trip. So of course, this time it was a mini getaway – I decided on going to the Bay (San Francisco and Berkeley). I invited some friends from class, and my little cousin. We set out early morning at 6am, to catch our MegaBus for the 7.5 hour journey.

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