Give A Little PUSH!

There are times when even though you constantly tell yourself positive affirmations – you STILL get overwhelmed, impatient, discouraged, stressed, the whole nine! Well … its buckle down time as the end of the school year vastly approaches. Stress is high, sleep is nonexistent, there’s coffee (for me it’s tea), study guides, final projects and papers. You find yourself asking the question: What is Life? How’d I get in this predicament? You’re counting down the days, months, or even years you have left until graduation.

You take that much needed 10 minute break from reality and someone texts you and gives a little PUSH. This PUSH can mean an abundance of things. Confirmation that everything’s gonna be alright, telling you that you’ve studied enough and you deserve a break cause honestly it’s in God’s hand at the end of the day, you’ll get that A on the final/in class as long as you’ve worked diligently throughout the semester, you know the material for your presentation so don’t sweat it, that your dreams will take flight as long as you’re working hard, building the foundation for it, or all of the above.

I had a low day a few days ago, where I was venting to my cousin Mia, and my friends Lila & Bri about how certain things I want to accomplish aren’t necessarily unfolding in the way I want (at the moment). It’s not that I’m impatient, but the picture in my head isn’t fully translating on the paper just yet.

In due time love … is what they all said.

They all gave certain options on what I could do to change things, or “speed” things up. Ultimately, I realized they gave me a boost of encouragement. They quickly got me out of my semi-funk of frustration and uncertainty and reminded me that in time – it’ll all unfold how it’s ‘Post To Be.

Message of the day is don’t forget to give yourself that little PUSH every now and then. We all need them; they can turn a sour day into a sweet one real quick!

God’s timing is perfect – trust Him, go with the flow, and watch Him show out!

bisous, Bree ❤


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