When The Bird Leaves The Nest

There comes a time in your life when you have to start making your own decisions. You have to be confident in them, confident that you’re capable of making logical decisions and overall utilizing your own discernment.

Coming from a late night, I boarded my solo flight, took my seat and began to reflect on my capability of making decisions and the recent disagreement I had with my mom.

Last year I was inspired and encouraged by one of my professors to apply for Alternative Breaks (AB). AB is a program provided by LMU where they select a group of students to travel to various counties/countries in hopes of fighting one common goal — social justice. I quickly became interested and applied to become a group leader for the Mental Health trip. My good friend Lila and I applied, had our interviews and waited for the verdict. We knew that there could only be one leader, but we promised each other that we’d still participate no matter who got the position. Fast-forward a couple of months later many things were going on in the world from the continuous Police brutality resulting in the killings of my people, to terrorist attacks in my beloved Paris, Brussels, and beyond (…sadly things are still occurring).

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This story was taken from my blog I had while studying abroad in 2013, so it’ll be in present tense.

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Barcelona , I LOVE YOU !

I’m a little late on updating, but Second Session started the day after I returned from Barcelona, so I had to get my life together again lol.

We took a bus from Toulouse to Barcelona which was about 8 hours. That meant a lot of sleep and all the snacks we could fit into our carry on bags. We literally had food, which was really baguettes and jam!



Once we got to Barcelona we checked into our hotel, Catalonia Atenas and had one of  the best rooms in the whole hotel. Our rooms were on the 10th floor (the last floor) of the hotel and we had a balcony with an amazing view of the city!



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The first night we went out to dinner with Brittany’s friends  from church who were studying there for the summer. I had the famous dish of the city, Paella. It was very delicious!


After bar hopping, we ended up at a music festival and decided to get some ice cream while watching the performances!

The next day we went out to be tourists and saw La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and some houses by Gaudi. Gaudi in my opinion made everything in Barcelona because he has numerous houses (museums), parks and such that were inspired by him.


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The hike up to Park Guell, man! That was literally forever and ever. We walked up the never ending hill for what seemed to be almost 15 minutes. Luckily in between the long stretch, there were elevators to take you higher and higher. After huffing and puffing, I finally made my way up!


There were more pretty views and houses that Gaudi made here as well. The Museum of Gaudi was also there, and was pretty cool! I liked the way he sculpted the houses.




We ran into an awesome band , and got to take a pic with them (:

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The day after we visited more tourists sites and parks. There was Parc de la Ciutadella, & the Arc de Triomf (Barcelona style). It’s sort of similar to the original Arc de Triomphe in Paris.




My favorite part of the whole trip was experiencing the night life! We went to the number one club in the city. It was called Club Catwalk, and they were NOT lying when they said it was the #1 spot! The club was packed and there were two floors: Downstairs was the techno floor and upstairs was the hip hop club. We had a amazing time and partied like the Spaniards would. It was crazy because the club didn’t open until midnight and closed at 6 am! Unlike clubs in America that open at 9/10 and close at 2. It was definitely an experience!

The last day we went to Barcelonetta Beach and visited our last museum – Museu Nacional D’art de Catalunya and hiked up Montjuic.

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Overall, I had a really amazing time! I didn’t want to leave, we all didn’t actually. I definitely will be visiting again!

bisous, Bree ❤

Roadtrippin’ feat. The Grand Canyon

In honor of summer coming to an end my girls and I took a mini road trip to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. Once again, this is another of my things to do on the list of 101 in 1001. I talked to my travel agent Ms. Sonia to see if she could whip up a quick package for us. Like always she was able to work her magic, and get us a weekend trip to AZ. In order to keep in fashion of roadtrippin’, we rented a car and got on the road Friday night.

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Send Me Back Saturdays :)

I thought this would be cute to share my crazy adventures I’ve had abroad, or even on family vacations way back when. With traveling and studying abroad come stories for years! Some I haven’t even shared with others – only those who’ve experienced it with me. Well I thought it would be cool to finally share my many stories with you – the good, the bad, the hilarious, the stressful, and the stranded!

I’m ALWAYS reminiscing, so this would be a wonderful outlet for me as well.

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Bay Shawties (: #EasterBreakAdventures

The Bay is always a pleasure!

I had a week and a few days off for Easter Break this past week. I never like staying home during breaks, and usually I end up doing mini getaways if I can’t do a big trip. So of course, this time it was a mini getaway – I decided on going to the Bay (San Francisco and Berkeley). I invited some friends from class, and my little cousin. We set out early morning at 6am, to catch our MegaBus for the 7.5 hour journey.

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