101 in 1001

There’s this little buzz going on in the blogging world called, 101 in 1001. Basically it’s a challenge where you come up with a list of 101 things you want to complete in 1001 days. Let me tell you, don’t freak out! This can easily be done with the right amount of discipline and keeping up with the list – you have about 2.75 years. You can complete anything you want! My list is broken down into seven categories: Personal, Professional/Academic, BlogLife, Invest, Family/Friends, Travel, and Fun.

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I’m starting my list today and will update you when I’m halfway through.

Here’s an example from my friend Tessa’s blog.

Here I go:

1. Come up with 101 things
2. Complete the list
3. Commit to a workout regimen (try everyday for one month to start)
4. Try 2 new natural hair product lines
5. Successfully do 5 natural hairstyles
6. Learn how to twist/braid own hair with extensions
6. Write in journal everyday
7. Master driving the freeway
8. Find a Bible study group near LMU
9. Teach a Sunday school lesson in my class
10. Compile Poems for Book
11. Get back to writing novel
12. Become familiar with self-publishing
13. Get INR levels on steady track
14. Continue mapping out foundation for Sistas2Queens
15. Continue practicing French & find a conversation partner
16. Drink ONLY water everyday for a month
17. Contact Children’s Hospital LA for initiate request
18. Only eat out on the weekend
19. Get handwriting back on point
20. Handwrite more things: lists, notes, etc
21. Buy more hardcopies of books
22. Try 3 new fruits and veggies
23. Donate clothes
24. Get a cute passport cover
25. Buy cute new journal
26. Write one poem once a week

27. Get a GA position
28. Become a mission trip leader (Didn’t get it, BUT I’ll be a participant)
29. Youth mentor for girls group
30. Write for Scholarly Journal
31. Publish An Article
32. Graduate with Masters
33. Graduate with Honors
34. Be Inducted into an Honor Society
35. Pass the LPCC test
36. Land a Job in my field upon graduation
37. Figure out what field to go in for PhD
38. Pick what school for PhD
39. Get a fellowship

40. Gain a larger audience
41. Learn new ways of advertising
42. Join a Blogging Community
43. Go to a Blog Convention
44. Design Logo
45. Design T-shirt logo for CardiacKidd
46. Create separate IG account for Blog
47. Meet some of my blogger friends
48. Redesign blog layout to look more official

49. Marc Jacobs Watch
50. Nice Everyday Bag
51. Save for Dream Car
52. Share A Condo with 2-3 friends
53. New Macbook
54. PayOff Tablet/Beats
55. New Nikon Camera

56. Take a family trip
57. Girls day with Mommy, Gran, Krystal, and Niecey Poo
58. Call Gran more often
59. Have Gran teach me how to make greens and other southern recipes from scratch
60. Learn about family history
61. Inquire Great Uncle on his life as a personal chef
62. Have a Mommy & Me Day
63. Teach Niecey Poo how to crochet
64. Do more one-on-one outings with Krystal

65. Roadtrip to the Grand Canyon with my girls
66. Visit Godsis, Marine, & Lexis in New York
67. Visit Montreal or Vancouver Canada for 24th (Decided to focus on the big 25 instead!)
68. Spend NYE / NY in different state or country
69. Go to Bayou Classic 2015 or MadrisGras 2016
70. Study Abroad in Dominican Republic or South Africa
71. Visit India in Georgetown
72. Greece for 25th Bday
73. Plan for Mommy’s 60th

74. Ride bikes on the beach
75. Take an archery course
76. Take a zumba/dance class
77. Kayaking in La Jolla
78. Make 10 main dish recipes off of Pinterest
79. Make 10 dessert recipes off of Pinterest
80. Go to 3 concerts – Erykah Badu, J. Cole and Janet Jackson
81. Go ziplining
82. Take a surfing lesson
83. Crochet an item of clothing
84. Read a new book each week for a month
85. Try new dessert spots in SoCal
86. Get flexibility back
87. Learn more nail art designs
88. Go to a Sip and Paint night
89. Go to a drive-in movie
90. Take a staycation in a new city
91. Have a picnic
92. Have a French style picnic
93. Host a Taco Tuesday or Wine Wednesday
94. Go to an amusement park
95. Go on a Booze Cruise
96. Rooftop Bar on a summer night
97. Watch 2 Netflix series (OITNB & Swtiched At Birth – not a series but it’s on there lol)
98. Go shopping for more heels
99. Finish scrapbook with Bri
100. Make host mom’s Nutella cake
101. Bake a Tarte Au Peche

If you think this is cool, make one of your own and let me know how it goes (:

bisous, Bree ❤


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