Actuellement .. (That Means Currently) | February 10th

.. time; 12:05 PM.

.. feeling; burnt out. Senioritis is REAL. And this is my second time around, so it’s even worse than the first time.

.. missing; my peace of mind, hugs, and hearty laughs (although I had a really really good laugh about two weeks ago, I was legit in tears).

.. wishing; everyone well this week/weekend. Self-Care is necessary!

.. should be doing; preparing interventions for my sessions after lunch. I love my kids. I haven’t seen them in two days. They’re gonna be all up in my face asking questions lol “Why weren’t you here yesterday Ms. Bree?”

.. thinking: of a master plan! …nah my journal knows

..talking to: Bri about babies and getting married, per usual lol

..affirmation for the week: be still, be calm. It’s going to be okay. God I still trust you!

..plotting: my next adventure; I need a getaway like yesterday.

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Gracefully, Stepping Into 25

Another one checked off the list …

I can honestly say that I’m extremely proud of myself. I’m proud of the woman that I have become and I can only thank God and my mom for molding me into this being.

I will turn 25 next month. My how time flies! I was just graduating from high school yesterday lol. The closer I get to 25 I’m realizing how truly powerful it is to write out your goals and see them flourish right before your eyes. The goals that I’ve created for myself this year have been marked off left and right. I was inducted into an honors society, finished my course work for my grad program, save(ing) money for life after grad school, #YOC, spending time with family/friends, writing, and lastly my favorite of them all – traveling.

I’m fortunate that I can just get up and go whenever I want.

I have no children to think of, just school, saving money, and minor bills to pay.

Therefore, I decided to challenge myself to come up with a list of 25 things I want to complete before my 25th birthday. I will document my journey along the way!

Here’s my list:

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Funny How Time Flies, When You’re Having Fun?

October had to be the busiest month I’ve had in a really long time! From my birthday, to other birthday celebrations, tons of projects and papers for school – I AM TYAD! I’m happy that November is here and I can finally catch my breath. I’ve been working on a couple of blog posts and poems that I can’t wait to share with you. On top of that, I have some announcements as well!

Here’s a quick glimpse of the best month ever lol: All of the fun, shenanigans, and long nights studying for midterms, preparing for presentations and writing papers – OCTOBER in a flash.

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Roadtrippin’ feat. The Grand Canyon

In honor of summer coming to an end my girls and I took a mini road trip to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. Once again, this is another of my things to do on the list of 101 in 1001. I talked to my travel agent Ms. Sonia to see if she could whip up a quick package for us. Like always she was able to work her magic, and get us a weekend trip to AZ. In order to keep in fashion of roadtrippin’, we rented a car and got on the road Friday night.

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Archery Outpost

Last week I went to this amazing indoor archery range, Archery Outpost with my friends Brittany, Rhonda and Dueal. My lovely friend Britt had been once before, and she told me that I had to go with her Thursday. As you all know, or hopefully remember, taking this course was also one of my things to do on my 101 to 1001 list. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass! We all piled up in the car and we were on our way.


Once we arrived, it was nothing like I had imagined, or expected. (I think that’s best in life – enjoying surprises!) The place looked very small from the outside, but once you stepped inside it was another world. There were bows and arrows aligned on the walls, and they even have their own shop where you can buy your own supplies. Not only can you come here for shooting practice, you can rent equipment, and lanes for the day. Since Britt and Rhonda already completed their beginner’s safety training class, they were able to freely shoot around for the day.

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101 in 1001

There’s this little buzz going on in the blogging world called, 101 in 1001. Basically it’s a challenge where you come up with a list of 101 things you want to complete in 1001 days. Let me tell you, don’t freak out! This can easily be done with the right amount of discipline and keeping up with the list – you have about 2.75 years. You can complete anything you want! My list is broken down into seven categories: Personal, Professional/Academic, BlogLife, Invest, Family/Friends, Travel, and Fun.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.49.33 PM

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