I can do this. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself ALL summer to keep me motivated. Cause the burn out is REAL!

Initially when I started graduate school I knew I’d be finished in two years.


Shortly after my first semester, I learned that the track (Multiculturalism & Social Justice) I originally signed up for was actually not a track. Instead it was a motto embedded within the foundation of the program and I was forced to now choose another track – Guidance Counseling, School Counseling, or Mental Health.

Long story short – here I am continuing my journey. I will be starting my third and final year of graduate school tomorrow night…with hopes of attaining my license in Counseling (#MentalHealth; #JourneytoLPCC).

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Funny How Time Flies, When You’re Having Fun?

October had to be the busiest month I’ve had in a really long time! From my birthday, to other birthday celebrations, tons of projects and papers for school – I AM TYAD! I’m happy that November is here and I can finally catch my breath. I’ve been working on a couple of blog posts and poems that I can’t wait to share with you. On top of that, I have some announcements as well!

Here’s a quick glimpse of the best month ever lol: All of the fun, shenanigans, and long nights studying for midterms, preparing for presentations and writing papers – OCTOBER in a flash.

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Year Deux

My second year of grad school has begun. It sorta sucks to know that I have one more year to go in my program, but at the same time it’ll give me more time to get some things in order. The first year flew by soooo fast! Like it’s scary how fast it came and went. Now I’m ready to tackle this second year. I’ve learned a lot of lessons last year – from operating on God’s time (which sometimes is a struggle), friendships, hair care, guy issues – been through it all. Now that I think about it, I may have been learning the same lessons, just in different forms. My biggest goal for this year is to work on my craft and tap into expanding on my hobbies. I want to perfect my writing, compile my poems, launch a new layout for the site, and start my IG account for HOTM (in hopes of gaining a larger audience). Ultimately in the long run, with this degree and license I want to become my own boss! In this digital age of entrepreneurship there are plenty of tools to help point you in the right direction. I’m making moves but I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds! There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing your vision become a reality. I’m taking it step by step, and working on each goal simultaneously.

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