I can do this. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself ALL summer to keep me motivated. Cause the burn out is REAL!

Initially when I started graduate school I knew I’d be finished in two years.


Shortly after my first semester, I learned that the track (Multiculturalism & Social Justice) I originally signed up for was actually not a track. Instead it was a motto embedded within the foundation of the program and I was forced to now choose another track – Guidance Counseling, School Counseling, or Mental Health.

Long story short – here I am continuing my journey. I will be starting my third and final year of graduate school tomorrow night…with hopes of attaining my license in Counseling (#MentalHealth; #JourneytoLPCC).

You know you’re fed up and ready to graduate when you have a countdown system on your phone.

In 250 days I will graduate with my Masters in Counseling.

 For the next 250 days I will be working with Outreach Concern as an intern Counselor/Case Manager at St. Bernard’s high school; I will continue working as a Graduate Assistant in Grad Admissions; I will PASS my Comp Exam in November (as I struggle to get through the 115 page study guide); I will shine in my Exit Group Interview; I will continue to learn, grow, love, and prosper.

I had an amazing summer – full of balance – #LIBRA – of working two jobs, finishing coursework, maintaining a social life, travel, and spending time with family and friends.

I have a two day training session before I’m thrown into the world of being a Counselor. In all honesty, I’m a little nervous to start fieldwork. Though I’m no stranger to working with youth, this will be entirely different because I’ll have to utilize my counseling skills learned over these past few years. You know teenagers ONLY talk to their friends, unless you have one who’s an open book, then that’s a piece of cake. I keep reminding myself that this is my target population – I’ll be in my element. Yet, I’m instantly taken back by the terrors of just how crazy high school kids can be. I remember being in high school – there were days when people made teachers cry, no one took them serious, everyone  thought they were grown; we were the Good-Bad kids. We never crossed the line of total disrespect, but we did push some teacher’s buttons. Majority of my teachers and counselors in high school were in their mid-twenties, just starting out in their careers. I was thinking on the advantages and disadvantages I have in terms of now being in that category. Consequently, I need to turn my disadvantage into an advantage and come up with strategies, boundaries, etc. My disadvantage will be my baby face – therefore the kids might mistake me as their peer or even worse, not take me seriously. This means I’ll really have to dress professional 24/7. When I interned for the Boys & Girls Club senior year in college, the kids had a hard time believing that I was 21. I know they’ll trip when they find out that I am 24, going on 25. On the other hand, since I’ve dealt with the population before I know a few strategies that will work.

I read my syllabus last night and was immediately overwhelmed. All these meetings, group sessions, trainings, papers, presentations. Le deep sigh. It’s time to buckle down and get my mind right — yet again…for the last time.

Reality isn’t going to set in until I step foot on the high school campus. Reality won’t set in until I no longer have days off. The issue that I have with reality is often times it seriously slaps you upside the head! You can expect one thing – and get another. I know that God won’t give me more than I can bear! All in all, I’m excited for this journey.


#JourneytoLPCC #JourneytoMay2017 #JourneytoMastersDegree

I pray for a prosperous year to those starting Grad school, their senior year, and those continuing the journey. We’re all journeying somewhere, right?  🙂

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