Gracefully, Stepping Into 25

Another one checked off the list …

I can honestly say that I’m extremely proud of myself. I’m proud of the woman that I have become and I can only thank God and my mom for molding me into this being.

I will turn 25 next month. My how time flies! I was just graduating from high school yesterday lol. The closer I get to 25 I’m realizing how truly powerful it is to write out your goals and see them flourish right before your eyes. The goals that I’ve created for myself this year have been marked off left and right. I was inducted into an honors society, finished my course work for my grad program, save(ing) money for life after grad school, #YOC, spending time with family/friends, writing, and lastly my favorite of them all – traveling.

I’m fortunate that I can just get up and go whenever I want.

I have no children to think of, just school, saving money, and minor bills to pay.

Therefore, I decided to challenge myself to come up with a list of 25 things I want to complete before my 25th birthday. I will document my journey along the way!

Here’s my list:

  1. Go to Natural Hair Salon
  2. Successfully install Crochet Braids
  3. Save $200 or more
  4. Buy a plane ticket (before or after)
  5. Attend a Cooking Class
  6. Finish a 30 day exercise challenge
  7. Sweatbox Class for 2 weeks
  8. Host A Wine Wednesday or Back2School gathering w/ roomie
  9. Visit The Last Bookstore
  10. Make a Pixie Cut wig
  11. Cook dinner with my SistaBestieBae
  12. Foodie Days (The Bun Shop, Creamistry, Churro Borough, and the rest on my Foodie list lol)
  13. Attend a BlackBook LA event
  14. Post 5 new blog stories
  15. Have a photoshoot
  16. Check off something new for CGFA
  17. Update professional wardrobe
  18. Attend a Keeping It Candid event
  19. Go to a Reggae Club
  20. Frank Ocean listening party
  21. Pamper Day
  22. Lunch date in the park
  23. Try African food
  24. Water activity in Catalina
  25. Ancestry Test

I’m excited for what’s to come 🙂 #25Before25


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