Actuellement .. (That Means Currently) | February 10th

.. time; 12:05 PM.

.. feeling; burnt out. Senioritis is REAL. And this is my second time around, so it’s even worse than the first time.

.. missing; my peace of mind, hugs, and hearty laughs (although I had a really really good laugh about two weeks ago, I was legit in tears).

.. wishing; everyone well this week/weekend. Self-Care is necessary!

.. should be doing; preparing interventions for my sessions after lunch. I love my kids. I haven’t seen them in two days. They’re gonna be all up in my face asking questions lol “Why weren’t you here yesterday Ms. Bree?”

.. thinking: of a master plan! …nah my journal knows

..talking to: Bri about babies and getting married, per usual lol

..affirmation for the week: be still, be calm. It’s going to be okay. God I still trust you!

..plotting: my next adventure; I need a getaway like yesterday.

.. listening to; at this very moment I’m letting Juzang Music minister to my soul! Listen to their cover of Intercession x Kirk Franklin & He Turned It/Same God – Tye Tribbett Medley (Cover)

I’ve had a couple of albums in heavy rotation: Syd – FIN, Kehlani – SweetSexySavage, Jaime Woods – Troy EP, Big Sean – I Decided, Jordan Rakei, and a host of other artists.

.. reading; the Bible. I’m back on my challenge now that the craziness of last semester is over. I managed to finish the New Testament last year around November. Thank the Lord that He gave me the will power and encouragement from my dear best friend to continue on. I’ve made my way into the Old Testament and I’m currently in the book of Numbers.

.. eating/drinking; a bomb chicken salad that I made with Poblano Ranch Dressing and Peach Tea Lemonade.

.. watching; The Fosters, Switched At Birth, The Rap Game, The New Edition Story, and some. First off let me tell you that BET and the cast of the NE Story, did an AMAZING job! I’ve literally been watching all three parts every other day lol. I played it out last weekend when I visited my sista in MoVal. I know she was looking at me like GIRL, if you play this ONE MO TIME! Lol My list of shows is super long and I’m still catching up on shows from last semester lol. Nonetheless, the first three shows that I mentioned above, their new seasons started, and they are giving me all the life. I can’t wait until Underground and Green Leaf return in March!

.. proud of; my sister circle for chasing after their dreams, executing with grace, and shutting ish’ down! #BlackGirlMagic

2017 is going to be a year of passion pursuit, growth, healing, prosperity, and adventure.

Rosie – shining as only I know you can, continuing with your art/passions, and for passing your exam to become a massage therapist. Heal them bodies’ girl!

Jackie – grinding like always, finishing up your MA Program, working like a slave lol, AND on your acceptance to your Comm. Program in NYC. I will be coming out to visit!

Mia P. – photography program in Panama! I am thrilled. You’re going to have an amazing experience.

Bri – letting love lead the way. I will explain to you more about this later.

Cousin – finishing up your BA. You’re continuing to push forward in honor of your brother, and you aren’t giving up even when I know that you feel like you want to.

Chinky Poo – applying to Grad School. I know it’s been a struggle but I’m glad you completed the app, now it’s in God’s hands.

Ash – preparing for motherhood, growing and evolving 🙂

Grandma Britt – doing it big with your production company! I look forward to your next show!

.. enjoying; planning the next steps for life after #MACing2017

 .. grateful for: the prayers and encouragement of my mommy, prayer warriors in my life, my loves whom I can call whenever/wherever, best friends to laugh/cry with, the best roomie I’ve had in my Grad school life (Amanda), and receiving unexpected phone calls of people just wanting to check in with me.

.. looking for; a paid internship, a new job, cute luggage, pots and pan set, A HOUSE — that won’t come for a while now, but a girl can dream.

.. challenging myself by; making a resolution to post more often. I have to get back to what I originally set out to do with this blog. I took a short hiatus because of the craziness school brought me last year. I’m back and I’m betta! I have a following and I need to produce more content.

..struggling with; saving money; it’s like I get my savings to a good point and then it’s gone because an emergency came up. my many failed attempts at working out. LE STRUGGLE. I need to enroll in a class and have an accountability partner.

.. counting down the days till; graduation and my final spring break *cue the tears* (ATL here I come!)

** I will be posting Actuellement (Currently) once a week **

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