Valentines Day, 365

To be treated like a Queen is every girls dream. To be heard, to be seen, to be clothed in grace, to be loved – effortlessly.

I will not be sad on this day, for I have experienced Valentine’s Day, each and every day for the past year. I have been showered with love, gifts, hugs, kisses, prayers, encouragement, and unwavering support.

I will not be jealous on this day, as I sit back and watch others celebrate their love. I’ll reflect on a love that I experienced not too long ago. I will bask in the beauty of flowers received with my girlfriends. I will help them pick out the perfect outfits for their dates. I will wait by my phone to listen to their stories. I too, will smile in glee.

I will not be bitter on this day, as that is not good for my health. Bitter and envy can only birth more hazardous outcomes.

I will not be impatient on this day, and long for something that doesn’t belong to me. Awakening love before it’s time will only result in more lessons and pain.

I will not compare my love story to others, as comparison only reveals discontent.

I will not cry on this day, I will try my hardest to remain strong. Even if tears do flow, I’ll make sure they won’t last too long.

I will shower my loved ones with words of affirmation, sentiments only my heart can utter.

I will hold my head high.

I will cherish my memories and envision more memories to come.

I will wait for love to find me again.

I will continue to be love.

I will give love.

I will love, effortlessly.

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