Actuellement …| February 22nd

.. time; 11:06 AM

.. feeling; a bit sleepy, but mainly hungry.

.. missing; my bed.

.. wishing; for a day off somewhere in the near future. #NoDaysOffLikeWale

.. should be doing; preparing for my next session and this group mediation within the next hour.

.. thinking: on how good my lunch is about to be… I’m starving!

..talking to: Lila – client talk about our kiddos.

..affirmation for the week: You are Worthy Of ❤

..plotting: my next adventure;

.. listening to; at this very moment I’m listening to Part Of Me by Musiq Soulchild.

.. reading; the Bible. Working my way through the book of Numbers.

.. eating/drinking; that good ol’ h2O.

.. watching; I need to catch up on my shows, but one of my students told me to check out 6 Souls on Netflix… it’s about a man who has multiple personalities. I still need to go to the movies to see Split too!

.. proud of; my patience and courage this past week. Listening and following my heart.

.. enjoying; peace and quiet in my office. It’s been an easy week with clients and no crises!

 .. grateful for: my sista circle and my mommy; Various outlets to relieve stress.

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