I can do this. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself ALL summer to keep me motivated. Cause the burn out is REAL!

Initially when I started graduate school I knew I’d be finished in two years.


Shortly after my first semester, I learned that the track (Multiculturalism & Social Justice) I originally signed up for was actually not a track. Instead it was a motto embedded within the foundation of the program and I was forced to now choose another track – Guidance Counseling, School Counseling, or Mental Health.

Long story short – here I am continuing my journey. I will be starting my third and final year of graduate school tomorrow night…with hopes of attaining my license in Counseling (#MentalHealth; #JourneytoLPCC).

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When The Bird Leaves The Nest

There comes a time in your life when you have to start making your own decisions. You have to be confident in them, confident that you’re capable of making logical decisions and overall utilizing your own discernment.

Coming from a late night, I boarded my solo flight, took my seat and began to reflect on my capability of making decisions and the recent disagreement I had with my mom.

Last year I was inspired and encouraged by one of my professors to apply for Alternative Breaks (AB). AB is a program provided by LMU where they select a group of students to travel to various counties/countries in hopes of fighting one common goal — social justice. I quickly became interested and applied to become a group leader for the Mental Health trip. My good friend Lila and I applied, had our interviews and waited for the verdict. We knew that there could only be one leader, but we promised each other that we’d still participate no matter who got the position. Fast-forward a couple of months later many things were going on in the world from the continuous Police brutality resulting in the killings of my people, to terrorist attacks in my beloved Paris, Brussels, and beyond (…sadly things are still occurring).

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The List

The older I’ve become, the longer My List has grown. If you don’t know what LIST I’m referring to, I’ll give you a quick example:

It’s the list we all create at age 16 where you plan out your entire life – down to the name of your unborn daughter, the future dog, honeymoon destination, and what type of car you’re going to drive.Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.01.48 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.04.03 AM

Or even better – you played MASH which predicted your whole life all on one sheet of paper. No one couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t going to marry Morris Chestnut, Lance Gross, Dreux Frederic (Lil Fizz from B2K), and Patrick Breeding (of B5) all at the same time lol

The list that never comes true – yet it takes you on a whirlwind of ups, downs, doors shut in your face, as new ones are prepared and opened when you’re ready to receive what’s behind it.

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Feeling OLD in your 20s?!

Picture this …

Coming home from a long day of work, classes, or BOTH. You walk in the door, quickly drop your bag that contains every ounce of life, as you know it. You quickly hop in the shower, put on your pjs and unwind. Next, you then attempt to cook a meal and decide that you’d rather have leftovers instead because that’s how tyadddd you really are. You reheat Sunday nights chicken, rice and veggies, scarf it down and make your way to your sanctuary – The BED. Club Sheets has you listed number 1 on the VIP list and DJ pillow is ready to rock you to sleep. You curl up into a ball underneath your sheets, reach for the remote, and indulge into the world of old cartoons and reality shows. This is the life of a #TwentySomethin`.

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A Lovers Ballad

… because I want to feel you
breathe you like the sweetest scent of cologne
crisp and fresh, lingering on the tip of my nose

… because I need reciprocity
see limerence ain’t easy, love alike it’s a journey
come along with me; take the leap of faith
listen to that quiet voice inside your head
constantly you shut it out and mask it with the strongest swig of Hennessy
blackout your true feelings
dance between the brink of tipsy
drunk off the love that resides within thee
awake the next morning to the hangover of your reality

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Cent Jours (100 Days)

100 days, 100 nights
Senseless killing,
as the blind leads the blind
First thing you wanna scream is fck the feds
You want to stop police brutality, but your frame of mind is engulfed with a thugs  mentality
When will it end?
Lives are being taken, even before they fully begin
Niggas laid out in the street, struck by the metal
Oh wait – your reply is “cause I live in the ghetto”
Living in the slums, ghettos, hood – whateva
It makes it no better for you to kill a man you should call brother
He looks just like you, but in your eyes he’s just a number
Another notch on your belt of lives slain
All for you to gain fame in the game
Where is your soul?
Your heart has to feel
The pain, hurt, rage inside that frame
The lifeless body of those that you take,
Leads the same for you as you walk
Hollow – day by day
What will it take?
For you to wake up and see that revenge is never worth it
New age genocide, history repeated
Already devalued by Uncle Sam N Them
Then turn around and do the same thing to your own
Can’t you see that you’re adding to the numbers?
Unconsciously aiding in the plot
America – Home of the Slaves
Institutionalized while they constantly send us to the grave
But no, I’m sorry … I’m afraid; I’ll never understand
What it feels like to be a broken black man,
Raised by the streets
Friend to the hustle
Foe of the enemy
The only commonality we have is death
And to that end – that’s all it’ll ever be
All I ask is for you to stop the violence …

bisous, Bree ❤

Gen Why?

I swear our generation has it all twisted
No one understands the importance of growing with someone
Steady tryna have stability
No longer willing to have synergy
It’s not about glo’n up on your own
We gotta struggle together before we call ourselves grown
Let me help you build the blocks and climb the ladder of success
Or save it for the latter cause only you know what’s best
You plant the seeds, and reap what you sow
But tell me this, how can you grow if you only want to do it alone?
There’s a lesson to be learned in every encounter
Paths are crossed by no error
And yet – you still miss the mark
What happened to commitment?
Genuine friendships made for two
The holder of my secrets,
I’d do it for you … but will you do it for me?
Levels of reciprocation fall by the way side
And you’re left with one-sided notions
Gen Why?
Why must you be so headstrong?
There’s a fine line between dependent and foolish
Only fools go through life without a partner to grow with
Romantic or not, having someone to go through the struggle with
Figure out life’s puzzle with
Curate your own point of view
Sad to say we’re overdue
And I try to figure out ways to make this anew
I pray that Gen Why’s eyes will be opened
Stay woke to the present, past and future
The time is now.


Often times I’m wide awake in the midnight hour
I once heard a saying that the artists – writers, musicians, free spirits were up to utilize this time to create
I agree
It’s at this time that your mind races endlessly with thoughts of yesterday and years to come
Along with a dash of the present and the reality you’re facing
Adding in a touch of future aspirations
To create is to let go sense of self
Whatever thoughts you have
Ultimately have no meaning;
Only in the sense that you can’t be judged because feelings don’t have to be validated
Some can hate it, or misunderstand
But in terms of creating – it’s a free land
The ball is in your court, you’re the master of this plan
Like a puppeteer tugging at the strings
You have the power to guide the story to its destination