Gen Why?

I swear our generation has it all twisted
No one understands the importance of growing with someone
Steady tryna have stability
No longer willing to have synergy
It’s not about glo’n up on your own
We gotta struggle together before we call ourselves grown
Let me help you build the blocks and climb the ladder of success
Or save it for the latter cause only you know what’s best
You plant the seeds, and reap what you sow
But tell me this, how can you grow if you only want to do it alone?
There’s a lesson to be learned in every encounter
Paths are crossed by no error
And yet – you still miss the mark
What happened to commitment?
Genuine friendships made for two
The holder of my secrets,
I’d do it for you … but will you do it for me?
Levels of reciprocation fall by the way side
And you’re left with one-sided notions
Gen Why?
Why must you be so headstrong?
There’s a fine line between dependent and foolish
Only fools go through life without a partner to grow with
Romantic or not, having someone to go through the struggle with
Figure out life’s puzzle with
Curate your own point of view
Sad to say we’re overdue
And I try to figure out ways to make this anew
I pray that Gen Why’s eyes will be opened
Stay woke to the present, past and future
The time is now.