HOTM Turns One!

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I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! I created this blog a year ago in March. My first official post was published on March 4th, titled Weathering The Storms. During this season of my life, I was going through somewhat of a rough patch. At the time, I was recovering from my last open heart surgery, I was unemployed, finishing up my first year of Grad school, trying to have a social life, and dealing with the #TwentySomethin’Struggles of my non-existent dating/love life. All in all, I definitely had my high and low moments, but blogging became my outlet.

It was here that I could share what was on my mind.

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A Lovers Ballad

… because I want to feel you
breathe you like the sweetest scent of cologne
crisp and fresh, lingering on the tip of my nose

… because I need reciprocity
see limerence ain’t easy, love alike it’s a journey
come along with me; take the leap of faith
listen to that quiet voice inside your head
constantly you shut it out and mask it with the strongest swig of Hennessy
blackout your true feelings
dance between the brink of tipsy
drunk off the love that resides within thee
awake the next morning to the hangover of your reality

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Shades of You

To the quiet girl
I hear you
Most can’t fathom your beauty and the true essence of all that you have to offer because you have been drowned out by noise
I once was you, but then one day I found my voice
Stood up for myself in the most simplest of ways
All without having to get out of hand
Outta pocket neck rolls, hand claps, and witty snap backs
Shut it down with an act of kindness
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It was never about being someone’s WCW but more about the respect behind it all
The acknowledgement and affirmation to the world is sweet, only if it’s not done for the accolades
See this social media facade of love can only make a fool jealous
100 plus likes on my picture and heart eye emojis won’t catch my interest
I need you to keep me engaged with metaphors and similes
Flowing together like the sweetest melodic symphony
The creator in you, only brings forth my intoxicating energy
This synergy of the two colliding with the moon
Yet these basic ass dudes only sing a different tune
Thinking that their money, and foreign cars will have my legs spread wide
Little do they know that this Queens standards are very high
Seduce me with your intellect, better yet have me speechless
It’s moments like those where I can weed out the ones who hide behind a mask
Pretending to have class when in reality
It’s all a lie.

bisous, Bree

Cent Jours (100 Days)

100 days, 100 nights
Senseless killing,
as the blind leads the blind
First thing you wanna scream is fck the feds
You want to stop police brutality, but your frame of mind is engulfed with a thugs  mentality
When will it end?
Lives are being taken, even before they fully begin
Niggas laid out in the street, struck by the metal
Oh wait – your reply is “cause I live in the ghetto”
Living in the slums, ghettos, hood – whateva
It makes it no better for you to kill a man you should call brother
He looks just like you, but in your eyes he’s just a number
Another notch on your belt of lives slain
All for you to gain fame in the game
Where is your soul?
Your heart has to feel
The pain, hurt, rage inside that frame
The lifeless body of those that you take,
Leads the same for you as you walk
Hollow – day by day
What will it take?
For you to wake up and see that revenge is never worth it
New age genocide, history repeated
Already devalued by Uncle Sam N Them
Then turn around and do the same thing to your own
Can’t you see that you’re adding to the numbers?
Unconsciously aiding in the plot
America – Home of the Slaves
Institutionalized while they constantly send us to the grave
But no, I’m sorry … I’m afraid; I’ll never understand
What it feels like to be a broken black man,
Raised by the streets
Friend to the hustle
Foe of the enemy
The only commonality we have is death
And to that end – that’s all it’ll ever be
All I ask is for you to stop the violence …

bisous, Bree ❤

Gen Why?

I swear our generation has it all twisted
No one understands the importance of growing with someone
Steady tryna have stability
No longer willing to have synergy
It’s not about glo’n up on your own
We gotta struggle together before we call ourselves grown
Let me help you build the blocks and climb the ladder of success
Or save it for the latter cause only you know what’s best
You plant the seeds, and reap what you sow
But tell me this, how can you grow if you only want to do it alone?
There’s a lesson to be learned in every encounter
Paths are crossed by no error
And yet – you still miss the mark
What happened to commitment?
Genuine friendships made for two
The holder of my secrets,
I’d do it for you … but will you do it for me?
Levels of reciprocation fall by the way side
And you’re left with one-sided notions
Gen Why?
Why must you be so headstrong?
There’s a fine line between dependent and foolish
Only fools go through life without a partner to grow with
Romantic or not, having someone to go through the struggle with
Figure out life’s puzzle with
Curate your own point of view
Sad to say we’re overdue
And I try to figure out ways to make this anew
I pray that Gen Why’s eyes will be opened
Stay woke to the present, past and future
The time is now.


Often times I’m wide awake in the midnight hour
I once heard a saying that the artists – writers, musicians, free spirits were up to utilize this time to create
I agree
It’s at this time that your mind races endlessly with thoughts of yesterday and years to come
Along with a dash of the present and the reality you’re facing
Adding in a touch of future aspirations
To create is to let go sense of self
Whatever thoughts you have
Ultimately have no meaning;
Only in the sense that you can’t be judged because feelings don’t have to be validated
Some can hate it, or misunderstand
But in terms of creating – it’s a free land
The ball is in your court, you’re the master of this plan
Like a puppeteer tugging at the strings
You have the power to guide the story to its destination


I’m starting to realize that I’m too in love with myself to entertain foolishness

The idea of entertaining someone’s potential is a thing of the past

See now I entertain the fact that you have a good head on your shoulders,

And you’re not intimidated by a strong woman, but you’re willing to assist in elevating her

You know the thought of growing together and holding one another accountable

Knowing that falling on our knees and praying together, is better than turning up in the club on Saturday nights

Don’t get me wrong, the turn up can be real and can be acceptable on occasion but the way my goals are set up,

I relish in nights spent at home enjoying one another’s intelligent conversation

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the writer; écrivaine

something that I have always been passionate about

the release from within, which was so much of what I held inside

to be understood, is to be misunderstood

to think that one could be so inclined and fascinated with words on a paper

the click of the keys beneath my fingertips, as I created melodies of metaphors and similes

analogies about life, and the perceptions that succumb me

it’s all a whirlwind of hypotheses, and a lot less about the possibility of what actually is

in this life we are called to fulfill our destiny

and if the clickity clack of keys is my calling, or to bring a higher consciousness for

the young girls like me, or the young girl who still resides in me

then let it be.

❤ Bree