I’m starting to realize that I’m too in love with myself to entertain foolishness

The idea of entertaining someone’s potential is a thing of the past

See now I entertain the fact that you have a good head on your shoulders,

And you’re not intimidated by a strong woman, but you’re willing to assist in elevating her

You know the thought of growing together and holding one another accountable

Knowing that falling on our knees and praying together, is better than turning up in the club on Saturday nights

Don’t get me wrong, the turn up can be real and can be acceptable on occasion but the way my goals are set up,

I relish in nights spent at home enjoying one another’s intelligent conversation

The fact that we can study together and help elevate each other’s status of success;

See climbing the ladder into the corporate world in this black skin is seen as a sin

They aren’t used to having one of us win

The notion that we came from Kings and Queens is far more than a made up dream,

Yet they treat it as if it was a figment of our imagination

Our history precedes far more than slave trade and obeying master

But in this day and age we must continue making our own way

We stand on the shoulders of many giants and that plays a significant role in our gain to success

We are more than blessed and I’m living proof of this sentiment

Scripture says it is, “He who finds a wife …” NOT she who finds a husband

And in this, our tag team, united circle must become reality

If you can’t appreciate the good thing that is presented in front of your face

Well I’m leaving because I’m no longer coming in second place

I’m here for the long run, not temporary

My love is everlasting and if you can’t get with that

Then I’ll continue loving myself,

Because I know for a fact I can’t hurt me

This isn’t a poem of a women scorned

But yet more of a young woman finally understanding a lesson that was hard to grasp

What’s truly meant for you will always be

It’s just up to you to believe

 bisous, Bree ❤


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