Bay Shawties (: #EasterBreakAdventures

The Bay is always a pleasure!

I had a week and a few days off for Easter Break this past week. I never like staying home during breaks, and usually I end up doing mini getaways if I can’t do a big trip. So of course, this time it was a mini getaway – I decided on going to the Bay (San Francisco and Berkeley). I invited some friends from class, and my little cousin. We set out early morning at 6am, to catch our MegaBus for the 7.5 hour journey.

Traveling by bus always brings back memories to when I was younger, going on field trips for school. I like the fact that you can get the scenic view (most times) or you’ll be staring off into the middle of nowhere. It gives you time to sleep, reflect, or even read a book. At 6am I was knocked out, but we made it safely to the Bay.

We stayed at a cute boutique hotel right smack dab in the middle of everything, called Nob Hill Boutique Hotel. From the time you step foot onto the ramp entering the hotel, you’re immediately transported back to 1750. There were huge king/queen-esque lounge chairs awaiting you at the front, and a rickety dated elevator. It’s literally something you would see on a scary movie – first you have to press the button and wait until it arrives. Next you open the door and step inside, with a gated fence closing you in and it squeaked as we crept up each floor. We were all pretty nervous because we thought it would break down, but after the first ride up we became comfortable.

Our room was nice and quaint, two queen beds, a fridge, microwave, flat screen tv, all the necessary amenities. It felt like we lived in a small town because right outside our window was a small courtyard garden, and we could see the other rooms facing ours.

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After getting settled we headed down the street to Brenda’s Soul Food. Navigating your way through SF is really easy. You can use Google Maps to get on by foot, or hop on the bus. We ended up walking because it was 10 minutes away from the hotel. Those hills though = NO JOKE! We were all out of breath, and it had to be the hottest day ever for the Bay because the sun was beaming! We made it to the restaurant which reminded me of a mom and pop type of place. The food was delicious and the service was great!

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First night we hit the town, and met with one of my friends from undergrad. Funny thing, I was actually his mentor once upon a time and he became like a little brother to me – Danny aka Punkin. He’d been away on a mission trip for two years. It was great seeing him after such a long time between emails and snail mail haha. He showed us around Union Square, Westfield Mall, CREAM of SF, and our epic first ride on the Bart late at night visiting the Mission District.

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The next day we got up early to head to our Bridge to Bridge Cruise. We met down at the port at Fisherman’s Wharf and tagged in the long line of other tourist from all over. SF is pretty packed and reminds me of a mini Paris or New York even. We boarded the boat, were given headphones and a recording device set, we picked our seat, and we were off! The headphones spilled history on both bridges (Golden Gate & Bay Bridge), Alcatraz, and all the other places we saw in between. Afterwards, we walked around Fisherman’s Wharf, ate at Chowder Hut Grill, and just got lost in the city. The food was great, but the guy messed up on my order so I was kinda sad. We had the-itis, and ended up going straight back to the hotel and taking a much needed nap!

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Saturday comes and we found this spot for brunch called, Sweet Maple. Oh Sweet Maple, how you’ve changed my life! The never-ending line was well worth the wait! I’d suggest you go here if you ever visit the city. It’s on Filmore St, and seems to stay packed! We waited for about half an hour, and were seated inside. We all had the Deep Fried French toast, with regular sides of sausage, eggs, and potatoes. Now either we were all starving from the wait, or it was that fingerlickin’ good because NO ONE said a word once we got our plates! I give them an A++

After our lovely brunch, in hopes of walking off our foobies (food babies lol) we literally walked all over town. We saw Ghiradelli Square, Keane’s Big Eyes exhibit (her paintings are AMAZING!), the Painted Ladies (Houses from Full House), and Lombard Street (on Russian Hill/the most Crookedest Street).

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Our final day, we had brunch at another mom and pop restaurant called, Café Golo. We had pancake platters that morning. After we headed off to Berkeley on the Bart. We met up with my lifelong friend since Kindergarten Jamelle and her husband at CREAM of Berkeley (we couldn’t get enough! And it originated there). It was yet another hot day in the Bay. They told me it’s never hot like that, and the line clearly gave us the answer because it was wrapped around the building and down the street. We then headed to do a quick tour of UC Berkeley. David is currently pursuing his PhD – we laughed and reminisced on times in undergrad, and how his wife and I lived together for a year. He schooled us on the history of the university, of the Campanile Building, the African American community there, and how it’s really a hippie town.

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All in all, I must say we had a great time in the Bay. From getting lost, learning and struggling to read maps, going up and down the steep hills, capturing great photos and most importantly making everlasting memories. The next trip for us will definitely be abroad. I need ALL my close friends to get passports asap! #PassportShawties

Shout out to my family travel agent, Ms. Sonia Robledo, of Traveling With Sonia, for hooking us up, as she always does! Many many thanks to her for helping me keep my dreams of continuous travel alive!

bisous, Bree ❤




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