Worthy Of

I was scrolling through my IG timeline, and ran past this amazing quote, that I have here as the default picture. Often time as a woman, my friends and I always talk about our worth. We talk about how our future Kings, will understand what the word RESPECT actually means, and will treat us like the Queens we are. They’ll no longer entertain the peasants (thots, hoes, whatever you want to call them). I find it funny that worth is determined by material attributes nowdays – what brands do you rock, what kind of car you drive, if you have your own place or not. The idea of worth has been misconstrued.

As my good friend Merriam-Webster says:

Worth is defined as:

  1. a : monetary value worth>

   b :  the equivalent of a specified amount or figure worth of gas>

  1. 2. the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held worth>
  1. a : moral or personal value worth>

   b :  merit, excellence worth>

  1. wealth, riches

I’ll take definitions number 2 and 3, as how I view the word worth.

I understand that I’m a rarity in my generation right now; my thought process is on a whole ‘nother level. It’s literally out of this world! I always joke with my girls that I was born in the wrong generation. I’m not about this playing hard to get, I don’t want to show you my emotions, or feelings, type of façade everyone puts on — yes in the past I’ve shown these types of “emotions” and one day realized that’s not me and it’s certainly not how I operate. So, I let it go … and got to the true essence of me. Expressing every last feeling I have, even when I get hurt constantly and it’s not reciprocated in return.

Is the idea of being worthy, or showing qualities of exuding excellence overshadowed?

I know the qualities that I possess, may be too “real” for most, but I’d prefer to be this way than to act in any manner otherwise.

My cousin and I spoke on this subject last night – of course it was in the context of MENboys. We should not have to constantly prove our worth to a man – or any one for that matter. Going out of our way to show them that what you have going on is better than the next, is foolish. It takes too much effort and energy, and at the end of the day you’re the one left depleted.

Overall, what I’m saying is when you finally realize the worth you possess; you’ll start to truly act like it and carry yourself differently. If Brandon doesn’t understand, in the words of my Mama – “Tell him to kick rocks!” … He gotta go! (I know it’s much easier said than done, but you have to at least try! This is where taking baby steps comes in handy.)

Queens we need to understand that our worth is way more valuable than a few moments in Brandon’s arms. No matter if you have to cuddle up next to your best friend or your mama to keep your sanity! We have to be more than this! I’m learning it every single day, and as the days go by I continue to grow stronger and wiser.

This goes for the Kings too (I didn’t forget about yall!) – If she doesn’t recognize what you bring to the table with your conversation of substance, your chivalry, that you actually have dreams and aspirations … let her go!

Your worth is important. Your worth is all you got. You are WORTHY OF whatever you set your mind to!

“Never compromise your worth for someone else’s pleasure” – Blessings in Disguise

bisous, Bree ❤


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