Spotlight Tuesdays!

Here I’ll be interviewing and highlighting some inspirational, young ambitious Queens and Kings, who are making a difference and going after their dreams!

First up is my good friend Tessa:


Tell me a little bit about yourself? How did you meet Bree?

HI! I’m Tessa. I run the blog A Brunette With Baggage. I am about to graduate college and move to Los Angeles! I met Bree in Paris! Pretty exciting huh? We studied abroad together a few summers ago and created a long lasting friendship!

What inspired you to start your blog? How long has it been up and

Studying abroad is what originally inspired me to start my blog! I originally started it to share with my family and friends what I was doing in France. From there, I decided to restart up my blog as a fashion focused lifestyle blog to inspire women to dress well and feel great! My blog has been running for 2 years as of this summer!

What is the main focus of your blog?

The main focus of my blog is fashion. I am trying to branch out and add more about my personal life but it is all one big progressive step!

What words of encouragement would you give others who may want to
start a fashion based blog?

The advice I would give would be, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. It is really awkward taking pictures, posting them of yourself on all social media and writing your opinions. I personally get really nervous when I am writing a new post, knowing that anyone at my university could see the post. That makes me really uncomfortable but to succeed, you really just have to be willing to just go all out.

What are your top 3 favorite blogs that you follow?

The top three blogs I follow are, The Skinny Confidential, Carrie Bradshaw Lied and Bows & Sequins!

Where can readers follow you for more information?

For more information you can head over to and click on all of the follow links (twitter, instagram, pintrest) or you can sign up for my email on the right side bar, as well as bloglovin’! There are tons of ways to follow along. 🙂


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