HOTM Turns One!

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I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! I created this blog a year ago in March. My first official post was published on March 4th, titled Weathering The Storms. During this season of my life, I was going through somewhat of a rough patch. At the time, I was recovering from my last open heart surgery, I was unemployed, finishing up my first year of Grad school, trying to have a social life, and dealing with the #TwentySomethin’Struggles of my non-existent dating/love life. All in all, I definitely had my high and low moments, but blogging became my outlet.

It was here that I could share what was on my mind.

I wanted to share not only about my story, but of what I felt would make an impact and resonate with others.

As I move forward, I still have big plans for the blog. I’m a lowkey perfectionist so it takes me a while to publish posts because I’m always coming up with more to say, changing something, or deleting it altogether lol. (I’ve been working on this, I promise!)

Recently, things have gotten REAL in my life. Lots of things are changing, transpiring, and I’m just following God’s lead. February was a crazy long, jam packed month of events, but I made it through.

Now, my focus is on preparing everything for my final year in Grad school and starting the fieldwork process. The fieldwork process so far has a sista scressed. . not stressed, but SCRESSED. It’s been #teamtoomuch since I left the information session about two weeks ago. I know I’ll survive like always. I have a plan, now it’s time to execute.

Just a few stats so you can see how I’m doing:

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I have 38 followers here, and 39 on the HOTM IG.

My most popular posts based on likes were:

Roadtrippin’ feat. The Grand Canyon

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My most liked poems were:



Gen Why?

A Lovers Ballad

I am not defined by my likes, but I am defined by the lives I touch ❤

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments, and shares my posts

*cue my Tupac voice* You are appreciated.

Also, I know I said it last time, but I really do have posts ready to publish …


(real … real soon!)

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