A Lovers Ballad

… because I want to feel you
breathe you like the sweetest scent of cologne
crisp and fresh, lingering on the tip of my nose

… because I need reciprocity
see limerence ain’t easy, love alike it’s a journey
come along with me; take the leap of faith
listen to that quiet voice inside your head
constantly you shut it out and mask it with the strongest swig of Hennessy
blackout your true feelings
dance between the brink of tipsy
drunk off the love that resides within thee
awake the next morning to the hangover of your reality

… because I yearn security
no longer can I remain in this state of uncertainty
the title won’t mean a thing unless you want to give it
I’m not asking for the bragging rights
yet it’ll give me peace of mind, knowing that you and I are one alike
one in the same union
ready to profess our love to the world
and still maintain privacy

… because I crave your stare
for the day that we can wake face to face
your fingers intertwined in my hair
arms wrapped tight around my body
never wanting to let go

… because I desire to be in love
not for the boasting or the Instagram postings
hashtag #bae #mine #datenight
I want what’s beyond the surface
that chemistry that ignited our flame
even before we gave ourselves the chance to love

… because I’m human
I want to be adorned and full – happy in bliss
Cocooned with affection
sweeter than the first kiss

… because

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