The Promise

I have wanted to purchase a promise ring for myself to myself for a while now. As I was reflecting over 2015’s life events, I decided that I would buy the ring in 2016. I would no longer put it off, or wait for that special someone to buy one for me. Besides, the promise to myself would be different than the promise that the significant other would be promising to me anyway.

I wrote this declaration in my journal on Christmas Eve. 2015 was a great year all around, there were definitely some highs and lows as each year brings but I decided to move forward with this mantra that I’m calling …

The Promise:

I promise to maintain my SELF-WORTH; no need to prove I’m worthy of love from someone who doesn’t know how to love themselves

I promise I won’t stop being WHO I AM, but I won’t let anyone take advantage of me in the process

I promise I won’t give up on LOVE, for good things come to those who wait

I promise GOD that I will continue to grow in Him because I was made in His image

I promise to help others HEAL and guide them to SELF-LOVE

I promise to continue my journey of SELF-GROWTH

I promise to use my STRENGTH and growth in all areas of life

I promise to CHERISH my family and my role in it

I promise to NEVER SETTLE

I promise to FULFILL my dream of sharing my writing, my voice, and my creation

I promise to SUPPORT not only myself, but also others in their future endeavors – wholeheartedly

I promise to LEARN from my mistakes and do away with having to learn the same lesson twice

I promise to NURTURE my relationships – past and present

I promise to TRAVEL – all ways, always

I promise MYSELF to always be me, unapologetically, nothing less


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