Chasing Your Passions

In the digital age today, there are so many ways you can pursue your passions beyond the 9-5 hustle and bustle. Avenues like promoting your clothing lines via social media, self-publishing a novels, connecting with others who are like-minded and just as goal driven as you – the world is your oyster.

As I’m vastly approaching the end of my graduate program I’m constantly trying to find ways to align my passions of writing and poetry, and somewhat fuse those aspects with my soon to be career. I’ve been blogging on different platforms for about six years now and this blog has been my first official site. So far I’ve come to find that my niche is creating – writing, telling stories, motivating, baking … you get the idea. On the other hand, having people stay interested in what you have to say is the key to success. It definitely can become daunting at times, but eventually you find your flow and werk it out.

Over the years (in this short amount of time) I realized that gaining a larger audience definitely doesn’t happen over night. You must use several avenues to display your content – i.e. various social media accounts to promote your site (IG, Tumblr, FB, Snapchat and the likes). You need to have posts on posts on posts ready to be published. You have to sacrifice sleep for most things that you want to accomplish and I’m A-Okay with that.

Within the last year or two I became obsessed with following other bloggers, ya know – doing my homework reading up on how to make your blog a success and ultimately making your passions reality. Everyone had the same premise – it was trial and error. No one expected to capture the world’s attention as they did, they just continued to tap into their passion, make adjustments when necessary, and let the chips fall where they did.

We have to adopt this mindset.

In this New Year of 2016 I challenge you to pursue your passions and promise to not put them on layaway.

The time is now!

Go After Your Dreams

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