Weathering The Storms

“Everything happens for a reason, in its time, and in its season …”

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I’m reminded of this phrase, every day of my life. I hear it from my mommy, the Bible, my Pastor, friends – the world! I believe this sentiment to be very true. I believe we all endure storms, on different variations and even magnitudes. It’s all a test, a lesson, or even a blessing that help us into the next phase of our lives.

I recently graduated from college in May 2014, and will soon be coming up on my one-year anniversary into this transition of my life. From May 2014 to the present have been filled with unexpected news that “threw me off course”, financial standstills, the downside of the workforce and the list continues.

After finishing my job in 2014, I thought I had it all figured out (but really who’s got it like that?). I was going to apply for graduate assistantship positions on campus, snag one, and continue to “live it up” like I used to do. Little did I know, that the REAL world was going to slap me in the face! I applied for several on campus jobs, and quickly got turned down – there wasn’t an offer in sight. I was told that the positions had already been filled and that I should wait until next year. Come to find out, when school started people were being interviewed, some already had jobs and I still felt like I had nothing. Shortly after, maybe around October I had been asked to come in and interview for a job. The interview went well, and I felt pretty good about it. A few weeks later I opened my first denial letter from a job. I was slightly crushed, but constantly kept telling myself that maybe this wasn’t the time for me to be working. I was approaching the middle of my first semester in grad school, and things were extremely hectic preparing for my surgery. I let it go.

Fast forward to the present, now in my second semester of school and recovering from my fourth open-heart surgery everyone’s constantly telling me to take it slow – don’t worry about working, worry about your health and healing, those things will be there later. I agreed – and finally gotten yet again comfortable with the idea of not working. Besides I have the rest of my life to work right? Weeks into the semester, going out on a whim I walked into an office to inquire about a position for the upcoming school year. One thing lead to the next, and in my opinion God was ordering my steps. I was asked to interview that next week – I knew for sure this was it! (I know I said that last time, but no really, THIS WAS IT!) It was in a field of interest to me, I felt included in the interview as a potential member of the team, they liked me, and I felt as if I appropriately answered the questions correctly. To make an already long story short, once again after the waiting period I wasn’t offered the position. It seemed as if it were no after no. I’ve had my moments of feeling unworthy, sad, and just overall discouraged because I know I’m qualified for these positions. Nonetheless I continue to trust God because his plans for my life far exceed my expectations. He knows exactly where I’m supposed to be, in what type of environment, and the right people to place in my life to help advance me to the next step in life.

I called my mom and shared the news with her, she comforted me and reassured that something better was on the way. I already felt that in my heart as well, because I know that this place in my life is no surprise to God.

Throughout this transition, I’ve ultimately learned that being still is okay. I’m so used to constantly being on the go – whether it’s working, volunteering, participating in other commitments at church or in other areas of my life … this particular season of my life I’m supposed to be still. In this, I trust God wholeheartedly and focus my energy on other aspects of my life such as my health, schoolwork, family and friends.

With all this said, don’t be discouraged when things don’t go your way or if you’re feeling like you’re in an awkward standstill in your life. In due time, you’ll be right where you need to be, and I’m sure you’ll be happy that it happened at a later moment in life, than when you wanted it to occur.

bisous, Bree ❤


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    1. No problem hun! I’m glad I can help. I know being at this age it’s definitely hard, but we’ll make it through! Thanks for the follow, I’ll be following you back (:

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