Shades of You

To the quiet girl
I hear you
Most can’t fathom your beauty and the true essence of all that you have to offer because you have been drowned out by noise
I once was you, but then one day I found my voice
Stood up for myself in the most simplest of ways
All without having to get out of hand
Outta pocket neck rolls, hand claps, and witty snap backs
Shut it down with an act of kindness
A notion that is overlooked


To the shy girl
I see you
Your grace and poise is what makes you stand out
You’re noticed, without even being noticed in the sense that you’re not boisterous and constantly pleading for the lime light
You are light in your own way
Get along with all who come your way
You are revered, highly favored, admired


To the thick girl
I feel you
Some days you want to give power to the world when the say your shape isn’t what’s “acceptable/beautiful”
No matter your size, it’s about the heart inside and even the thinnest girls battle body image
Remember you were created in God’s image and no man can tell you otherwise
Forever beautiful, forever wanted
A hot commodity if you will


To the fit girl
Let the weight of the world come off your shoulder
Health and fitness are important but shouldn’t consume you
Don’t lose your essence within, only trying to mirror the look coming from the pages
Our bodies are meant to change
Stretch in ways unimaginable
And even you have to find beauty with age


To the Young Queen and or goddess
I am you
Don’t let anyone dim your shine
For it is you who carries the future in your hands
Never to settle for a man
Chase after your dreams, execute your plans
Travel to foreign lands
Sip the finest of wines and dine in places untold
For you can have it all,
You already do
Always. Embrace. You.

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