Embracing Change

As a future counselor, I feel as if I get all of my practice on my family and friends. Thursday night, my cousin came to me with a concern about her and her longtime boyfriend of five years. These two are definitely peas in a pod. If you see Mia, there’s Chase and vice versa. Lately, they both have been coming into their own and pretty much have been venturing off and doing things separately. Mia’s worried that they’ll eventually drift apart due to becoming so big on their own, and they won’t need each other anymore.

In order to truly grow, you sometimes have to grow apart and then eventually down the line come back together. During this time, you must learn to stand on your own first. You can’t be afraid to be your own person. Like my mom always tells me, there was a day in life when you didn’t know that person, and life was good. It’s still going to be good, with or without them. You should always be willing to pursue your dreams, and go as far as you can in your endeavors! It’s okay that your significant other, or even your friend isn’t steadily by your side. That means it’s YOUR time to soar, and experience all that life has for you.

Later that night, I found this quote that I believe fits perfectly for this scenario:

Featured image

We have to remember to look at the bigger picture at all times! It may be a little uncomfortable to face new challenges alone, and you will probably be afraid. In the long run it is going to work to your advantage. You’ll learn so much about yourself – just how talented you are, how innovative, how creative, how strong and you’ll thank both yourself and your significant other/friend for allowing you to have this experience.

Journey on loves!

bisous, Bree ❤


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