I laugh at this picture because it is SO me! My good friend Jackie aka Selena as my mom calls her tagged me in this post on IG. Her tag said “So You” and I’m thinking to myself like … What’s me? Lol I get on IG and instantly start laughing and smiling.

“A classy woman with a little bit of hood in her, and a lot of God!”


It gets no better than that! I’m more like a teeny bit of hood, but I can take it there when necessary. Don’t let my cute face fool you!

I love that my friends know me and I mean really know me. I’m glad that I can openly talk about God and all that He has done for me. I’m proud that I can be that person they come to and ask to say a prayer for them and with them. I’m proud and thankful that God chose me to be this person. Unapologetically ME. Not only for my peers but for myself as well. I constantly say, “You can’t tell me that God isn’t real, because I’m a walking miracle. A living testimony. Without Him, I am nothing.” Or the infamous quick liner “It’s me and Jesus!” *cues smile*

My birthday is tomorrow and I’ll turn 24. I’ve heard the story time and time again of when I was born. They told my mom that I wouldn’t make it past a certain age in this life, but here I am. They told her that I wouldn’t be able to walk, talk, or even see. Well, the last part is partially true because I’ve been wearing glasses since the 2nd grade. That’s definitely a story for another day. They said I would face all these obstacles and though my life thus far has been a journey, it’s nothing when God’s in control. This past year was another one to add to the book of ME. I had my final open-heart surgery, endured the roughest and extensive recovery process. Added a list of new medications, changes of diet, and in reality altered my lifestyle.

I’m a Bionic Diva.

Has it stopped me yet?


I thank God everyday and pray that He uses me as a vessel. I thank Him for giving me a wonderful mother, a strong praying mother who never leaves my side. A loving family, caring friends – I can go on. I’m utterly content with my life and I’m excited for what the future holds!

24 will be an amazing year, just as the years before and the years to come.

Vingt-quatre, allons-y!

bisous, Bree ❤


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