Life is funny. God definitely has a sense of humor because we go through countless trials, tribulations, successes, failures – all of which is part of His greater plan.

Yesterday the Devil tried to get me – attacking my psyche and filling it with nonsense. Have you ever IG stalked someone’s life? Lol I know it sounds crazy, but not necessarily stalked in the crazy sense rather you scrolled through all their pictures and looked at how beautiful their life has been portrayed to the world. Well I did that and ultimately felt as if the goals I have been striving for seemed minute in the grand scheme of things. This person was living the life I wanted, without even having a degree in hand. In no way am I criticizing people who didn’t go to college, or haven’t attained their degrees yet … but it can be discouraging sometimes when someone seems like (keyword: seems) they instantly got it – and I (you, me and the rest of the world) worked/ are working hard to even gain a little piece of it. In this I automatically thought about a line from one of my favorite songs by Tyrese’s, “Walk…A Poem”. I literally listen to this poem every morning before I start my day. This line summed up everything and brought me back to reality:

“God will never give you something somebody else is supposed to have,

So your jealousy, and envy, and insecurities about somebody else’s blessings,

Shouldn’t be – because it ain’t yours ….”

With that said, I had a quick cry, and called my sister Jackie (then Mia called me a good hour later lol). Instantly after I disclosed what I was going through – the root of it all being stuck in this #TwentySomethingStruggle phase – the phase of uncertainty, more NO’s than YES’, fighting to make a name for yourself in the workforce …(I can go on lol) … she assured me that I wasn’t alone. That we all have days like this (more often than not, in this transition phase). She reminded me of what all I have accomplished, what I am currently doing, and for sure what will come in the future. (Thank you my sista!) We always talk about our feelings in relation to growing up and all it’s woes – more importantly coming into our own – into Womanhood.

I realized that we all have different paths in life, each distinctive in it’s own way. Our walks in this life aren’t supposed to resemble one another because we are all uniquely crafted individuals. My purpose is different from yours, and we will reach various goals at different times. That’s why we can’t compare ourselves to others. Instead be grateful for the journey, the milestones achieved, and even greater ones to come! I encourage you to get into the habit of practicing gratitude. Set aside time each day to say what you’re thankful for, even write it down if you have the time. Be thankful for the good times, AND the bad. Like the saying, “Until God opens the next door for you, Praise Him in the hallway!” Remember God gives us things, even when we aren’t deserving.

I am grateful for life (& everyday after until it’s no more), my relationship with Christ, my health, my family & friends who constantly keep me grounded, encouraged and uplifted, to have a roof over my head, to have successfully completed my first year of graduate school, for new beginnings, for my BREAKTHROUGH, lastly for MY STORY.

We must fall before we can rise to our greatest potential – GRD

bisous, Bree ❤


3 thoughts on “Gratitude

    1. No problem hun! I tell myself daily, What God has for me is for me and only me, and no one can get in the way of it! We just have to continue to trust Him, especially during the hard times. It shows how faithful we truly are 🙂

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