Life is funny. God definitely has a sense of humor because we go through countless trials, tribulations, successes, failures – all of which is part of His greater plan.

Yesterday the Devil tried to get me – attacking my psyche and filling it with nonsense. Have you ever IG stalked someone’s life? Lol I know it sounds crazy, but not necessarily stalked in the crazy sense rather you scrolled through all their pictures and looked at how beautiful their life has been portrayed to the world. Well I did that and ultimately felt as if the goals I have been striving for seemed minute in the grand scheme of things. This person was living the life I wanted, without even having a degree in hand. In no way am I criticizing people who didn’t go to college, or haven’t attained their degrees yet … but it can be discouraging sometimes when someone seems like (keyword: seems) they instantly got it – and I (you, me and the rest of the world) worked/ are working hard to even gain a little piece of it. In this I automatically thought about a line from one of my favorite songs by Tyrese’s, “Walk…A Poem”. I literally listen to this poem every morning before I start my day. This line summed up everything and brought me back to reality:

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