When Life Gives You Lemons … Make a Lemon Ice Box Pie!

I’m laughing to myself at this silly title that I just created for this post (because I reallyyyy want to call my mommy and ask her to make me a pie lol), but that’s honestly what this month has been like – a little bit sour. There have been highs and lows for the month of August and I figured out the issue:


YES I’ve been blogging. YES I’ve been praying and having convos with God. YES I’ve been talking to my family and friends. BUT there’s honestly no greater feeling than simply writing your feelings … like legit going ham, laying it all out for the masses – you, the pen, and paper that is.

All jokes aside – writing for me is not only a form of expression; it’s therapeutic. There are times when I have a million and one thoughts running through my mind and no one can understand but me (& God of course). That’s when my beautiful journal comes into play. For as long as I can remember I always had a diary. I think I got my first one at 7 or 8. I didn’t really start writing in it daily until I was 9. In my opinion, writing is another form of self-care. You’re releasing emotions that have been bottled up, or if you have expressed them you can still delve deeper and reflect on your own.

I have things that I want to write and although the events have already taken place, rehashing and writing them down is a way for me to let it go. This doesn’t only go for the negative emotions; I use it for when I’m happy too. Moments that I can’t get back, more so something I can look back on years later and see how far I’ve come. Perspectives changes, goals are tweaked, life aspirations are rearranged … you catch my drift.

I found that I’ve had some off days within the past weeks. Moods have changed. PSA: I’m generally a happy, smiling person, and I still am even when I’m not feeling the best – don’t get me wrong! Meanwhile, I’ve had days where I didn’t want to talk to anyone (but my Mommy) and I realized it was okay.

Having that quiet time, inner peace, reflective mindset … is all right. We are all allowed these days and our feelings matter.

The purpose of this post is that self-care is important. Don’t forget to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. As a future mental health counselor this is DRILLED into my brain and I like to practice what I preach! So I’m telling you now: Go do whatever it is that helps release and brings you at ease (at least commit to it once a week). For me it’s writing and listening to jazz/neo-soul music and I do this daily – when I have a journal handy.

P.S. I know you’re probably thinking well why don’t you just go buy a new one?

See what had happened was … Life got to me this summer. Being in summer school from May-Aug., keeping up with doc appointments/#hearthealthy stuff, tryna maintain a social life so I wouldn’t feel like my life was over because of school, tryna do a little dip (that means dancing haha) every now and then, going on countless interviews to get a job (Hallelujah, ya girl got one & started this past week! #PraiseHim #WONTHEDOIT *Tamar voice), preparing to move into a new apartment, mixed in with a little travel, seeing family/friends, and more fun. Back to the original issue > Every time I said I was going to go buy one, I ended up getting other stuff… even with a list in hand and totally forgot smh. I’m paying for it now. I finished my last entry in my old journal in May and I had that one since 2012. It’s definitely time for a new one and I will be getting it ASAP.


bisous, Bree ❤


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