5 Benefits of Journaling

5 Benefits of Journaling

Who remembers when they kept a diary?

It was most likely pink or blue donned with a cute design, stickers, and gel pens were used for added effect.

Dear Diary, was the classic opener.

A book filled with love letters to the cute boy in class, days when you’re mad because your Mom said you couldn’t go outside to play with your friends, or even better, you wrote a full fledge three pages venting about the argument you had with your bestie on the playground.

Little did you know, your diary would quickly become your refuge, a place to escape.

Living in this digital age, most would say that journaling is outdated, gender specific (for girls/women only, most specifically tweens), and just all around a waste of time.

I’m here to dispel the myth and tell you that:

Journaling is for any and everyone who enjoys writing.
Journaling is for self-expression.
Journaling or “expressive writing” is therapeutic and is one of the most beneficial kinds of writing.
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When Life Gives You Lemons … Make a Lemon Ice Box Pie!

I’m laughing to myself at this silly title that I just created for this post (because I reallyyyy want to call my mommy and ask her to make me a pie lol), but that’s honestly what this month has been like – a little bit sour. There have been highs and lows for the month of August and I figured out the issue:


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