Actuellement …| August 28th

.. time; 1:55 PM.

.. feeling; a bit overwhelmed, discouraged, and tired.

.. missing; living in the Playa Del Oro apartments with my roomie Amanda and our wine nights, sitting on the couch talking about life.

.. should be doing; trying to get my life in order – that entails many things … job apps, organizing my space here, and some. I marked off some things on my To-Do List so I guess I’m cool, for now.

..affirmation for the week: Be Patient. Sometimes you have to go through the worst, to get to the BEST!

.. listening to; Freudian – Daniel Caesar is amazing! The album has been on REPEAT!

.. reading; the Bible – 1 Samuel.

Also, I’ve been trying to find the PDF for Emily McKnight’s book, “The Don’t Before I Do”. I read the sample this past week during my flight to Seattle and fell in love!

.. watching; I binge watched The Handmaid’s Tale last week and now I’m sad that I have to wait until Season 2 comes around.

Duh, I’m watching Insecure (because Issa Rae is hilarious and Jay Ellis is BAE in real life… as for Lawrence… he’s a NO for me dawg), Being Mary Jane, Greenleaf and a whole list of others lol

.. enjoying; the down time. I’m always on the go and have a million things on my mind at all times. I feel like I have 10-15 tabs open daily haha.

 .. grateful for: my mommy, my sista circle, my pen and my journal.

.. looking for; a job – if anyone knows of any community agencies looking to hire a mental health therapist/counselor … holla atcha girl! (SERIOUSLY)

.. looking forward to: planning out events for Sister Sister Sister (SSS) girls group at church with my sister Whitney. I’ve helped out a bit while I was in school, but wasn’t able to be as active and involved as I wanted due to school commitments. Now I’m ALL in! I believe the young girls will enjoy the events we have coming up soon for the rest of the year!

.. challenging myself by; creating a schedule for my posts. I think once a month for each of my series isn’t too much to ask.

..struggling with; #TwentySomethinStruggles … I will explain in greater detail in my next blog post.

.. counting down the days till; my birthday. Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. I told my mommy I’m not having another party until I turn 30. I’m quite content with that decision. I’ll still celebrate but it won’t be a big thin1g like it usually is.

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