8 Creative Women You Need To Follow


In Honor of Black HERstory month, I’m highlighting the women in my life who inspire me daily, who keep me on my toes, who pray for me, and ultimately are on the quest to make an impact in this world.

  1. Jacquelyn of Genuinely Jacq


She’s a PR Maven on the rise that keeps it real at all times! She creates amazing and organic content while looking classy and stylish too. What I love most about her content is that she is genuine through and through. She caters to the “Good Girl” in us all, as she debunks the stigma of Good Girl/Good Woman portrayed in media and every day life. She reminds you that it’s okay to strut to the beat of your own drum!

  1. Rosie of @Roseavore


She’s the ultimate Boss Babe. She wears many hats, from writing poetry, to painting beautiful portraits, to community activism, to modeling, to her healing hands in massage therapy – Rosie effortlessly executes whatever she puts her mind to. What I love most about her content is that it’s edgy, screams the message of body positivity, and is informative. As she spearheads her nonprofit, the Compton Artist Alliance, she urges you to tap into your creative and intellectual genius.

  1. Wyvetta of @WyvettaTaylor Los Angeles MUA


She’s my go-to for flawless skin secrets, beauty and advertising. Wy is a Los Angeles MUA whose skillful eye can have you out here looking like the Queen Bey herself! What I love most about her content is that she’s inclusive, authentic, and unafraid. There’s nothing that’s too much or too bold in her eyes. Her portfolio speaks for itself, be sure to check it out!

  1. Jacquelyn R. of Grown Ass Stuttering


She’s unapologetically Jacquelyn. Her wittiness and humor keeps you filled with gut-wrenching laughter. What I love most about her content is that it’s unique, yet relatable. She keeps you glued to your phone as you watch her daily InstaStories. From her stories about dating in LA, to taking a deeper look into her personal life as a caregiver, to her Vlogs about her journey in Grown Ass Stuttering, she teaches you how to turn lemons into Lemon Ice Box pie with a side of Hennessey.

  1. Sahmia of @Beingsahmiaase


She’s calm, cool, collected, and boho-chic. Sahmia is someone who makes everything look good and sound good too. What I love about her content is the message behind her imagery. Her vulnerability shows and she paints a beautiful picture with her words. As an author and poet, she lets you know that it’s okay to share your story – no matter how dark or traumatic. It’s important for your voice to be heard. She is the woman to study if you want to learn more about photography.

  1. Whitney of @BecomingWhit


She’s the epitome of a true woman of God. Whitney is the prayer partner and encouraging friend we all need. She’s an author, an avid reader, wine connoisseur, and photographer. What I love most about her content is that it hones in on loving the skin your in, reminding you to grown from the inside out, spiritually, mentally, and physically. She takes you on a journey to Seek, Indulge, and Become the woman you’ve aspired to be.

  1. Ashley of @thatchickashhh


She’s soulful, sultry, and brings all the vibes. Ashhh is what this generation needs when it comes to real R&B music. She sends chills down your spine when she sings in falsetto, belting out runs and some when she sings soulful renditions of coveted R&B jams. She’s a little bit of Jill, Erykah, Etta, and Sade all mixed into one. What I love about her content is that it’s modern with an old school flow. She debuted her EP Life’s Lessons Vol. 1 in 2018 and shared her heartfelt journey as a #TwentySomethin. In her latest single, (nB) she tells us to remember our true roots and whom we truly are – Kings & Queens.

  1. Brittany Love of @msbrittanylove


She’s a lyricist like none other. Her flow is so sick; she can spit freestyle at any given moment and make a cover her own. Brittany Love is a female rapper to watch out for! What I love most about her content is that it’s engaging, fun, and down right creative. From choreographed dance videos, to covers, and showing off her skills as a DJ – this girl does it all! Brittany Love writes her own music and creates her beats. Her EP Dis Fantasy, displays her lyrical genius at best, check it out!

You can learn more information about these beautiful women on my Spotlight Tuesdays segment during Black HERstory month. If you’re a creative and would like to be featured on my Spotlight Tuesdays segment, email me at hotm.blog@gmail or DM @theeheartofthematter.

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