Panic or Plan: Time Management Edition


When it comes to Time Management, the first thing you must figure out is your method in terms of dealing with time. This cannot be anyone else’s method, but yours. Therefore, you have to be brutally honest with yourself.

  1. Are you a planner?
  2. Are you a procrastinator?
  3. Do you work best under pressure?
  4. How about A & B.
  5. All of the Above, Girl.

Personally, I am a planner. I’m that girl that uses a planner, phone calendar, wall calendar, and a written to-do list. It’s my NORMAL. Without proper planning, I can’t function.

Now that you have selected your answer, I can provide you with some tips.

For The Planner In You



As a planner, it’s simple – Utilize your planner to the fullest. By now you should already know how to log daily tasks, appointments, meetings, dates, etc.

Step 1: Be sure to set aside time to log in tasks at the beginning of the month/week, on all platforms (i.e. Handheld Planner, Wall Calendar, and Phone)

Step 2: Color Coat or Highlight Categories (i.e. Blue for Work Life, Orange for Home Life, Red for Appointments, Green for Wellness, and Pink for Outings/Family/Miscellaneous)

Step 3: After a Completed Task – Mark Through w/ Black Pen

Step 4: Have Fun! Get creative. You can doodle in your planner, draw, add stickers – make it your own!

The Procrastinator


As a procrastinator, you most likely wait until the last minute – for everything. You postpone things and often times put them off for a later date. This can interfere with many things in life such as meeting deadlines, overbooking, and ultimately poor execution.

Step 1: Set aside time for each task and stick to it. No more postpones or cancellations (i.e. work on the tasks for 30mins to an hour and don’t go over that limit for the day. Another example, if you have a showcase in 6 months, spend each month leading up to it, on one specific task)

Step 2: Commit to being early. (i.e. Arrive 15 minutes before your meeting, start your assignments weeks ahead of time, set small deadlines for yourself)

Step 3: Do NOT overbook. You want to minimize your stress.

Step 4: Get comfortable saying NO. The reality is you can’t make it to everything. Choose what’s most important to you.

Working Under Pressure


Can you handle working under pressure? Do you fold? Do you become charged up and can conquer whatever’s thrown at you?

For Those Who Fold

Step 1: Take a deep breath and analyze the situation at hand

Step 2: Ask the important questions – Is there a deadline?

Step 3: Be honest – tell your boss, friends/family, or client that you fell behind. We’re all human and sometimes things don’t work out as planned.

Step 4: Ask for an extension & execute.

For The Conquerors

Step 1-5: Do what you do best & GET TO WORK!


The Planning Procrastinator


As the Planning Procrastinator, you probably struggle with structure. In essence you have a hard time properly planning your steps and executing your tasks.

Step 1: Schedule an hour or two to focus on planning.

Step 2: Categorize your tasks/plans in order of highest importance and list them.

Step 3: Break down the list, including what you need to do for execution. This should be Step by Step including materials needed.

Step 4: Strategize on how you can execute each task accordingly.

Step 5: Get an accountability partner. Someone who can keep you on track and motivate you along the way!

All Of The Above

Combine all steps in each category for a successful execution.

I invite you all to join in the challenge!

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