6 Sunday Habits For A Productive Week

6 SUnday habits


Sweet Sweet Sunday’s.

For most, Sunday’s are bittersweet. It seems like the week drags on, the weekend flies by, and next thing you know it’s Sunday. It’s the last day to soak up some rest, relaxation, and fun before embarking on yet another long workweek.

Personally, I love Sunday’s. It’s the one day where I can solely focus on me in a variety of ways. There’s time to cook, clean and organize my space, journal, whip up a homemade face mask, and even slide in a nap! It’s heavenly!

Growing up we followed the Sunday Routine: Church, Breakfast, Clean & Meal Prep, Nap/Relax, Dinner, Prep for the week & Wind Down. I adapted this method early on in life and utilize these habits now as an adult. Following my Sunday routine sets the tone for the week ahead.

Here are 6 habits to maximize productivity for the week!

  1. Cleaning, Organizing, & De-cluttering


Y’all remember waking up to the sounds of Anita Baker mixed with the lingering scent of Pinesol on a Saturday morning? Mama was in the kitchen or living room, dusting and wiping every nook and cranny. Well, part two (the abbreviated version lol) usually takes place on Sundays.

Whenever things are in disarray around the house, it’s hard for me to feel motivated or productive. Having a clean and clutter free space keeps not only your mind sharp, but your place spotless too!

I take an hour on Sunday to tidy up a few things so that I can start fresh for the week. It’s such a good feeling! For me, this means:

  • Cleaning the kitchen: washing dishes, dust/wipe down all surfaces, and sweeping.
  • Folding & putting away laundry: we all know washing clothes is the easy part, but it’s rare to wash, fold, and put away laundry the same day. Use the extra time on Sunday to put everything in it’s rightful place, so you won’t have to spend time looking through piles of clothes throughout the week.
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • De-clutter one space of choice

#HOTMTip: Set the mood. Turn on your favorite playlist and get to work. Not only will it lift your spirits, but also you’ll enjoy tackling the tasks.

  1. Meal Prepping


Meal prepping will save you so much time. Instead of coming home and cooking daily, your food is already prepared so all you have to do is grab and go. Most rave about the benefits of Meal prepping, but they often miss the most important step which is Meal planning.

Meal planning is just as important as the prepping.

Research your meals ahead of time. Use Pinterest to your advantage, your favorite IG chef, or grab your favorite cookbook and choose your favorite recipes.

Write out your plan:

  • This can be in your planner, on a white board, or a plain sheet of paper. I love keeping my list on my phone so I can add to it whenever I think of things. I even break it down into categories, for example: Produce, Dry Foods, Dairy, etc.
  • Choose and prioritize each recipe
  • Check your fridge and pantry to avoid buying multiple items

#HOTMTip: Choose your top 3 meals for the week (snacks included). Create a shopping list of all ingredients needed for your recipes and shop the weekend prior. Shop in bulk. Instead of making multiple trips to the grocery store once a week, go grocery shopping at the beginning of the month and stock up. Load up on all your favorite staples like fruit, meats, and veggies and store them in the freezer. #BonusHOTMTip: Chop veggies and marinate your meats the night before.

  1. Goal Setting


Ya’ll know me – I am nothing without my planner!

Plan Out Your Week:

  • Review your calendar for the week: I’m old-fashioned so I use my planner, but you could use digital planners as well. It’s easy to miss an appointment or gathering with friends if you don’t log it. Take a look and see what’s coming up during the week.
  • Write out your To-Do list for the day: I like to take about 15 mins to write out/update my lists.
  • Write out your goals for the week & prioritize them: I’m always writing down my goals, it’s my motivation to keep going. Break down your bigger tasks into smaller one; it’ll seem less overwhelming and easier to take on.
  • Create a morning routine: Morning routines set the tone for the rest of your day. A morning routine can consists of drinking coffee/tea/smoothie, reading a daily devotional, or going for a morning run.

#HOTMTip: Check out my post on Time Management & Proper Planning here.

  1. Relax


Kick off your shoes and relax your feet …

I know there’s this underlying pressure of accomplishing all tasks by 5pm, but instead of trying to rush through everything, take some time to slow down and breathe.

Relaxation for me is:

  • Wrapping up in my blanket and watching a movie/show: It’s hard for me to catch up on my shows throughout the week. So I save them for the weekends to indulge without time limits.
  • Making a cup of tea or a smoothie: A nice cup of my favorite tea or a refreshing smoothie always helps me relax.
  • Taking a nap
  • Painting my nails or oiling my scalp
  • Listening to smooth jazz

Allow yourself some peace before starting the busy week.

  1. Self Care


As the self-care Queen, I can’t stress this enough:

Make time for some Me Time.

If you want to bring your best self to the table during the week, you must re-energize and refuel your mind, body, and spirit on Sunday.

My favorite self-care activities include:

  • Taking a bath with candles, bath bombs, and essential oils
  • Skin Care Routine
  • Journaling
  • Spending the evening reading a good book
  • Meditation or simple quiet time
  • Making a DIY face mask or body scrub

Self-care is essential; You can’t pour from an empty cup!

  1. Set An Early Bedtime


Studies show that we should get 8-10 hours of sleep a night. This is a hard one for me because I’m a night owl by nature and an early riser. The only time I go to bed super early is when I’m sick or totally exhausted. Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been trying to get better with my sleeping habits.

My Nighttime routine includes:

  • Nighttime Skin Care Routine
  • Get in the bed by 9pm: This helps my body to start winding down.
  • Turning off all electronics at a certain time: I try my best to turn off the TV by 10/11pm at the latest. I put my phone on the charger, set it to silent/vibrate, and place it on my nightstand.

That’s completes my list of Sunday habits. I hope you can implement some of these methods into your weekly routine!

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