Spotlight Tuesdays Presents: The Messenger


  1. a person who carries a message or is employed to carry messages. 

2 Corinthians 5:20-21 ; 20. So we are messengers for Christ. God is using us to call people. So we are standing here for Christ and begging people, ‘Come back to God!” 

My Godsis, TuNai is about kingdom business! She’s not only a source of inspiration for me, but she is a prayer closet advocate and Christian Blogger. She is a powerhouse in her own right and is all about Faith, Inspiration, and Transformation. Here’s her story:

Tell me a little bit about yourself? How did you meet Bree? 

I am Tunai Anderson and I am a wife and mother of two! I am in the Early Childhood Education field and hold a Masters Degree in Education/Teacher Leadership. I recently launched my business TuNai’s Closet and my business flows from my ministry as a Prayer Closet Advocate. I enjoy making memories with my family, writing and creating new content, music and being around inspiring and uplifting people. I’ve known Bree all of her life, our parents met as young adults and became close friends and before I was born, my mom asked Bree’s mom to my Godmother!

What inspired you to start your blog/business? How long has it been up and running?

I began journaling for well over 5 years. This first started off with my need to create an outlet to express my personal feelings and emotions. My journaling became a safe place where I would express myself to God and in doing so I felt weight lifting off as I expressed myself on paper. My personal journaling helped me heal from the wounds and pains of my past and in turn my journaling turned into written prayers. After purchasing our home in 2016, the Holy Spirit led me to clean out a closet in my house and turn it into a prayer closet. It’s in my intimate time with God where I found life, and purpose and who God created me to be in this world and for the kingdom! In 2018 I felt a tug within my heart to begin to share my journey with others so I launched my Blog website, where I began sharing my story and what God placed on my heart to share with others. I officially launched my business TuNai’s Closet last year 2019 and I’ve been in business for about 6 months to date.


What is the main focus of your blog/business?

My ministry/business is Christ centered and focuses on the importance and advocacy of having your own personal prayer closet. My business offers, prayer closet essentials such as prayer candles, and prayer closet door tags. I use my social media platforms to share inspiration and uplifting messages to encourage, inspire and uplift people of faith who are seeking to develop a more intimate relationship with Christ.


What do you hope your audience gains from your reading your content?

It’s my hope that others will be inspired by my transparency and personal story so that they will develop their own personal alter to seek after God so they can find true life that’s found in me and also to understand their calling God has placed on their life.

What does influence mean to you?
Influence plays a big part in my ministry. Being an influence to me, is more than just speaking words that inspire someone but living my life according to Gods word and being transparent about my journey.
What words of encouragement would you give others who may want to start a blog/business?
Align yourself with Gods will, seek after him in prayer. Ask God to reveal to you what areas of your life that are not aligned with his word and truly invite him within your heart. Believe in yourself and humble yourself to reach out to others who inspire and influence you. Trust the process and stay focused on YOUR purpose. Take the first step even when your scared and always remember when you are aligned with God and seek him in secret he will reward you. God is the PLUG!
What are your top 3 favorite blogs that you follow?
MCWEN / mylampblog / lovedandblessed
Where can readers follow you for more information?
IG @tunaiscloset
I will continue to highlight amazing women for the remainder of Black HERstory month 🙂
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