For Us, By Us: 6 Black Owned Small Businesses To Support This Month

Happy Blackity Black, Black History Month y’all!
Since we live in a country that thrives on capitalism, what better way to spend our coin then by supporting those who look like us. Often times, due to pricing or lack of exposure, Black Owned businesses (especially Small BO businesses) often get overlooked. Well, I’m here to tell you that this stops now! As we prepare to wrap up BHM, I wanted to share some small businesses worth looking into.

1. TuNai’s Closet


TuNai’s Closet was featured last week during my Spotlight Tuesday’s series. As The Messenger, TuNai listened to the still voice of God and launched her business last year. Her products include handmade Prayer Closet Essentials + Prayer Candles. Her candles are made of coconut wax, which is the cleanest burning wax on the market, offering a superior alternative to soy or petrolium-based waxes. Eco-friendly and made from sustainable resources, the candles will leave both the glass and your air clean. Since her candles are made with pure coconut oil, it’s safe to use on your skin or even serve as a prayer/blessed oil.

Visit TuNai’s Closet and grab the most popular product the Calm Serenity candle or the Prayer Closet Bundle and step away for some you time!

2. SpicedSugah 


Let me tell you about my friend Lauren! Sis, really knows what she’s doing when it comes to her all natural Health and Beauty products. What started off as a quest to make quality organic products for family and friends, turned into launching a wellness line featuring everyday necessities. The tingling scalp oil, tightening gold mask, spicy whitening elixir, hand-whipped body butters with exotic essential oil blends, and the anti-aging face tonic were all created over four years, propelling SpicedSugah to its debut.

My absolute fave is The Scalp Oil. The Scalp Oil is a staple in my hair care regimen and a little bit truly goes a long way. Great for daily use or for an added extra boost, try it as a hot oil treatment!

Shop the full range of products here.

3. Chapter Harmony


You know we all have that one IG bestie in your head, right? Or is that just me lol Anyway, my good sis Ryen has been speaking to my soul for the past year, building community and reminding me that I’m a Black Woman who deserves to be paid, loved, and rested in High favor! By Manifesting The Life You Deserve, Ryen gives us all the feels displaying black love, lifting us higher with affirmations, encouragement, and advocacy for self-love and growth.

She recently launched her merch, the “I Deserve It” sweatshirt in Maroon or Black. Make sure to treat yourself to one this month, because you deserve it! I know I will!

Grab yours today right here.

4. Evermore Designs 



I stumbled across this amazing brand on IG! She may have a #SmallBusiness right now, but I don’t see that lasting for long. Evermore Designs brings you a variety of beautifully crafted, handmade jewelry made out of clay. Rae makes time for creativity, by tapping into her craft blending and mixing hues of earth tones, blues, yellows, golds and beyond. She sands each piece to perfection, leaving us uniquely shaped designs and patterns you can wear on any occasion! With many collections and styles to choose from, be ready to make a statement. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair or 5!

Shop the collection here.

5. Keep It Vertical

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 12.06.30 PM

I met Jhoe at a Bare;Expressions Vision Board party last month. With such a vibrant, yet genuine spirit Jhoe shared with the group a little about her brand. Keep It Vertical is a positive lifestyle brand encouraging you to #KeepYourSpiritLifted.

KiV consists of many moving parts like fashionable apparel, a lifestyle blog and a poetry book, to promote positivity and remind others to Hear, See and Speak No Evil. Keep it Vertical’s merch line revolves around the motto “Hear NO Evil, See NO Evil, Speak NO Evil.” From pins, tees, bags, accessories, swim wear, and beyond their artistic & fashion forward designs will catch your eye!

Dig into all the Keep It Vertical merch on their website.

6. EyesOnMe


EyesOnMe is another lovely brand that I discovered on IG. I joined the #FourEyesClub at age 7, and have yet to come across a style that I’ve fallen in love with until now. ShopEOM aims to Make Protective Eyewear Fashionable, by utilizing lenses designed to filter out strong blue light rays emitted from our digital devices. They offer a variety of frames from Round, Tortoise, Wooden, Cateyes and more. All for men and women who are proud members of the #FourEyesClub. What I love the most outside of the fashionably unique styles is the affordable price!

Pick a pair or two here.

Let’s support our Black Owned Business, not only this month but ALL year long. Happy Shopping!

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